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Dope destroys the evolution of human consciousness.
- Tracey Ravenowl

1. Marijuana weakens and overexpands the etheric field which is the blueprint/plans for the physical body (worked on in acupuncture and homeopathy, for example).

2. Marijuana causes energy leakage through the holes it forms in the etheric field (which become sites of physical disease and entity attachment, allowing influences from other realms to affect your personality.)

3. This overexpansion and weakening of the grid-like etheric field allows entity attachment and, possibly, the loss of self-control, making you base your decisions on lower instincts rather than intuition, right livelihood, and constructive activity.

4. Marijuana weakens the stream of consciousness (the awareness that recognises our aliveness and leads us towards fulfilment) and may lead to a paranoid schizophrenic condition derived from a lack of clear emotional separation (not knowing if the emotions being felt are yours or someone elses).

P.S. So, if you do still use marijuana while attempting to give up, only smoke alone or in nature, and use your mind/intent to repair the holes regularly. Beware of who you expose yourself to when stoned (under the influence of marijuana). You become like a sponge energetically.

5. Marijuana takes you into the astral (emotional) plane of existence, which we interact with through our astral (emotional) body. The astral plane is not the goal of spiritual evolution, only a phase, and compulsive/continual involvement in it can become largely delusionary and dangerous, which may prevent you from connecting with your higher self, and fulfilling your life's purpose.

6. Marijuana may cause dramatic splintering (cleavage) of the personality; i.e. disintegration between the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your being; i.e. inability to think, feel and act simultaneously.

7. Marijuana can put you on an endocrine rollercoaster (overstimulating and upsetting the balance of your endocrine glands and their respective chakras or energy centres). This can manifest moodiness, P.M.S., night sweats, etc.

8. Although initially it may feel as if marijuana heightens your vibration or makes you more sensitive, opening you up, it can lessen your ability to do so consciously yourself without the use of the drug in the future. You become dependant, the opposite of the spiritual growth which leads to independence, responsibility, and appreciation of the oneness of all. (Artificial overstimulation of a body function can result in subsequent depressed function, and eventually dependancy.)

9. The mental fragmentation which marijuana has been shown to eventually induce, can result in the development of a remarkable degree of denial. The chronic marijuana user can often feel completely justified in their usage of it, and can ignore the foregoing information completely, while justifying their behaviour with narrow-minded catch phrases and excuses. This is conveniently assisted by the memory impairment which marijuana has also been shown to induce. The user who states that he/she uses it to relax and open up, let go, become more sensitive, or, expand consciousness conveniently chooses to ignore/deny the scientifically proven and esoterically understood long-term damaging mental, emotional, and physical effects. They also strongly imply that they are incapable of accessing the aforementioned abilities without the use of marijuana.

10. Hydroponically grown marijuana is highly addictive. Withdraw and change to normal home-grown marijuana and eventually withdraw completely. Hydroponic dope can contain up to 200 times more THC (psycho-active alkaloid) than normal dope.

11. For more information, read Keep Off the Grass by Gabriel G. Nahas. (Paul S. Eriksson Publisher, Middlebury, Vermont, Nov., 1990.)

12. Suggested energetic repair for lifestyle-elimination of marijuana:

Strengthen your etheric field and consciously anchor the stream of consciousness and the lifestream, by visualising energy from your source connecting with your head and heart respectively.

Tap between your eyebrows to activate your pituitary gland (master gland of your endocrine system) with the conscious intent of telling it to recuperate and regenerate.

Take colloidal minerals/electrolytes.

Walk and meditate.

Adopt a positive health-enhancing lifestyle, and learn to love your body enough to take good care of it.

Withdrawal can take up to a week (for the cravings to smoke to stop). At least 6 weeks are often required to return to normal.

(For those interested in the use of crystals: magnetite worn below the navel pulls you back into your body and grounds you. You can use it to help to train yourself to stay in your body and to stay present in reality. Lapis Lazuli can be used to strengthen your aura.)

It is essential to learn to lovingly and willingly endure the pain of life (John Whitman Ray). We all feel pain, and hurt in our lives. Learn to ask for support from others, and to offer support to others. In this way we can learn to support and love ourselves.

Learn to feel the hurt and pain of life (and to feel simultneously how much you don't want to feel it), and to express or not express it appropriately, without suppressing it or avoiding it by shutting down.

- Kyle Grimshaw-Jones

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And what I mean by  "Drug and alcohol use is not condoned or supported by this sacred kinship" is this: 

We have had to ban people from using this site who were known alcoholics and prone to abuse and disrespect to other kin. 

Marijuana addiction is a bit trickier because the clarity that comes from the "high" can still speak words of consciousness and well-intended ideas, and yet, the real person is not speaking, only the "high" person.  The real person in the flesh may be very different.


This network is a place to explore all these human dilemmas in a virtual sense. 


These are the same issues that come up in relationship and in community. 


By ye fruits ye shall be known. 

Thank you Billa.  A powerful message.  Thank You for challenging this addiction head-on   : )

That is meaningful and it was about time to see a good article on this. I used to smoke it a lot even though I never really like, with the subconscious intention of relief. Oh, well. It kept me from going forward, got me doing things and leading my life in a dull and unconsious way. I was invaded by all sorts of energies, my life was miserable. Alcohol is different, even more miserable. Hemp is food, people, not something to get high on! Things started to changed with such speed after I stopped it. I stopped giving myself away, seek people who had to do with me, after that I could really engage in a vegan (until I have my goat or someone compassionate who raises them give me some milk), whole-only diet (instead of a vegetarian and "sorta" healthy, and after that a 100% raw food diet. After that I found so many books and people and even Ringing Cedars series - only after I stopped.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, as I had never realized before that this was what was holding me back, and I have wanted to be raw for over a year and a half an could not do it. I now know why my Life was so miserable and I wasn't letting myself free. Why some things took so long to happen. I am even happier now, it is important for us to find the root of our problems. I had several emotional detoxes after many changes, and the best one (where I felt more clean after) was after going raw. I am changing and evolving so much, it is pleasing to be CLEAN - this is about food, about not having smokes to kill your lungs and hurt your true self, about not sleeping around or even have close relationships with negative, materialistic people, to not run away! We are strong and we can face whatever comes to us. Extremely thankful to myself and every person and situation and book and movie and plants who helped and help me to realize LIFE =D

This is so great to hear Brigida.  Thank You so much for sharing some of your story here  : )  xx
The thing about being naturally high is that there is no come down and no limit to how good you can feel! Everyday is an adventure, everyday is an opportunity to expand the possibilities of life, to explore your potential.

And some moments, when you are so crystal clear, the gentle breeze on your face while you are standing barefoot on the earth in complete gratitude for life itself, can be the most ecstatic moment of your life.

I'm happy to be alive, grateful for the gift of each moment to live and explore my consciousness and explore more and more creative ways to express spirit in form.
That sounds great Billa...  barefoot.  I went to a concert in the park on Saturday...  it was a reggae roots band ~ very good vibe... family concert... totally drug-free.   Most of the people up dancing were all in bare feet.  It was so wonderful feeling the energy of the music flowing through my body and expressing some of that energy out through my feet into-onto Mother Earth.  It felt like a sacred ritual space, and very energizing ~ 'high' but grounded  :D

Good topic Billa. The crux of the issue is summed up for me in #9 (of course:) where it says


"They also imply that they are incapable of accessing the aformentioned abilities without the use of marijuana."


Addications like this infer that we are incomplete and require a "tool" to obtain a certain level of perhaps awareness or relaxation. I have had my own personal experiences with addiction and what I have come to realize is that Everything we need is right within ourselves, in that "God/dess spark". If you are currently clearing yourself of these eneregies be gentle but firm. Re-member your self. You are exactly where you need to be to get where you want to go And you have everything you need to get there. Feel your Love and let go of all that binds your pure self.



I Love that Tree: 

You are exactly where you need to be to get where you want to go   :D

"It is all perfect"

I used to think that weed wasn't any worse than alcohol, until I saw the kind of damage it was doing to the chronic users around me. Not good. I believe that it warps the soul. A lot of the people I know that are spiritually awakened can not use pot at all, they are actually allergic to it.

I am someone who is definately allergic to it, most definitely, I cannot think straight and lose my conscious connection to oneness when it in my space and just like passive smoking, it affects the energy fields of people around it, not just those smoking it.

If it were done in a sacred, ceremonious way on very special occasions for shamanic journey purposes I can accept that, because all indigenous cultures for eons have use plants for shamanic journey to heighten consciousness. And in fact, when your body is super clear and super consciousness kicks in, all food can take you on a journey as you ingest it's unique properties.

 But daily use or recreational use is simply unacceptable for anyone proclaiming a spiritual path or interested in raised consciousness. Used habitually  it is an escape from facing the shadow side of oneself eventually identifying so explicitly with the personality developed over the prolonged period of use, all sense of true reality becomes virtually possible. The being lives in perpetual delusion, becomes insular, resentful of anything that disturbs "the peace" of the artificially induced psychosis, and in extreme cases, the dark forces will infact take over the being spontaneously or permanently , such a s a parasite does, until the Real person becomes a mere host to an insatiable addiction and the personality it has spawned .


My warning to people searching for beloveds and interested in joining eco-communties or kins domains: Do not get involved with anyone with such a habit. Look for people and communities that are drug and alcohol free. People dont need to be perfect, but the certainly should not be engaging in relationship building on any level until they have first dealt with the relationship to themselves, their own bodies and their way of being in the world.


It is impossible to know the true person whilst an addiction exists and a habit always is a coping mechanism for a deeper shadow self that is need of deep healing. Addictions need to be dealt with OUTSIDE of relationship, it is indeed selfish and irresponsible to be in relationship or communing with others while such darkness is suppressed and the negative effects of addiction pervade all that could otherwise be co-creative, expansive and conscious. 



I must wonder just how much cannabis Kyle Grimshaw-Jones has ingested to be able to reach his conclusions. I happen to know some deeply spiritual, artistic, well grounded souls that enjoy cannabis. From what I am getting Kyle is not speaking from experience with cannabis but experience from close mindedness and strong unsubstantiated opinion.


From my own experience I found that cannabis actually allowed me to consider my own weaknesses. For example one time my wife and I had a disagreement, later that day after smoking I realized that I was at fault for the disagreement. There has been more than one occasion where I had found clarity as a result of smoking. My approach is that of the sacred.


Anything can be addictive including the ideas contained in the Anastasia books. Addiction results from a need to fill an empty space. Don't blame the plant. What is the real issue?

Marc, you dont need to smoke to get the clarity you speak of, you are borrowing the feminine attributes of the plant to come to that place of clarity and its actually a place of softness and understanding. if you rely on smoke to get you there you are never forging the pathways in your being that take you there in a natural, embodied way. 

Which is true expansion of consciousness. 


Sacred way with the herb can only truly be achieved  in sacred ceremony and it would take a tribe to evoke the neccessary energy to truly use the herb in a sacred way. People that convince themselves they are using herb in a sacred way are generally only borrowing the softness of that plant momentarily and so that capacity is still outside of oneself. One needs to consider ones own weaknesses with conscious awareness. 


You wont get to the issue whilst the addiction or reliance on the pathway is put outside oneself. In weakened people it can become a cycle of increasing dependence to feel or get some kind of softening or clarity until there is little capacity to access the clarity with natural self awareness and understanding. 


There's nothing wrong with the plant. It is being abused too. 


I agree with everything Kyle has said having had two close relationships with heavy cannibas users, one who liberated himself from the dependency and one who did not. 


In reference to being addicted to ideas, ideas can not be addictive , they are either embraced or rejected based on ones resonance with the truth and embodiment of the wisdom or idea.  Anastasia promotes self-awareness and giving intelligent contemplation to all things with ones own inner knowing. There is no mincing words about this , it is repeated and repeated by her and the grandfathers time again and its the same message given by Elders from indigenous cultures all over the world.

Knowledge can be shared, but wisdom must be embodied. Wisdom embodied forms the basis of belief and belief  becomes the truth of your REALITY. 


IF  you give your power to a herb to gain clarity and understanding, then you give your power to gain clarity and understanding. maybe it opens your mind and offers a portal of insight for a time, but the point is to find that capacity on your own. And if you believe it gives you this clarity, then it does, but what if you believed you could have the same clarity and beyond without it?  


Thats the message of Anastasia and that's my message too. and not because I think, because I know. I wish this knowing for all brothers and sisters, may all beings be liberated to their highest intelligence and inner wisdom. 












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