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Dope destroys the evolution of human consciousness.
- Tracey Ravenowl

1. Marijuana weakens and overexpands the etheric field which is the blueprint/plans for the physical body (worked on in acupuncture and homeopathy, for example).

2. Marijuana causes energy leakage through the holes it forms in the etheric field (which become sites of physical disease and entity attachment, allowing influences from other realms to affect your personality.)

3. This overexpansion and weakening of the grid-like etheric field allows entity attachment and, possibly, the loss of self-control, making you base your decisions on lower instincts rather than intuition, right livelihood, and constructive activity.

4. Marijuana weakens the stream of consciousness (the awareness that recognises our aliveness and leads us towards fulfilment) and may lead to a paranoid schizophrenic condition derived from a lack of clear emotional separation (not knowing if the emotions being felt are yours or someone elses).

P.S. So, if you do still use marijuana while attempting to give up, only smoke alone or in nature, and use your mind/intent to repair the holes regularly. Beware of who you expose yourself to when stoned (under the influence of marijuana). You become like a sponge energetically.

5. Marijuana takes you into the astral (emotional) plane of existence, which we interact with through our astral (emotional) body. The astral plane is not the goal of spiritual evolution, only a phase, and compulsive/continual involvement in it can become largely delusionary and dangerous, which may prevent you from connecting with your higher self, and fulfilling your life's purpose.

6. Marijuana may cause dramatic splintering (cleavage) of the personality; i.e. disintegration between the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your being; i.e. inability to think, feel and act simultaneously.

7. Marijuana can put you on an endocrine rollercoaster (overstimulating and upsetting the balance of your endocrine glands and their respective chakras or energy centres). This can manifest moodiness, P.M.S., night sweats, etc.

8. Although initially it may feel as if marijuana heightens your vibration or makes you more sensitive, opening you up, it can lessen your ability to do so consciously yourself without the use of the drug in the future. You become dependant, the opposite of the spiritual growth which leads to independence, responsibility, and appreciation of the oneness of all. (Artificial overstimulation of a body function can result in subsequent depressed function, and eventually dependancy.)

9. The mental fragmentation which marijuana has been shown to eventually induce, can result in the development of a remarkable degree of denial. The chronic marijuana user can often feel completely justified in their usage of it, and can ignore the foregoing information completely, while justifying their behaviour with narrow-minded catch phrases and excuses. This is conveniently assisted by the memory impairment which marijuana has also been shown to induce. The user who states that he/she uses it to relax and open up, let go, become more sensitive, or, expand consciousness conveniently chooses to ignore/deny the scientifically proven and esoterically understood long-term damaging mental, emotional, and physical effects. They also strongly imply that they are incapable of accessing the aforementioned abilities without the use of marijuana.

10. Hydroponically grown marijuana is highly addictive. Withdraw and change to normal home-grown marijuana and eventually withdraw completely. Hydroponic dope can contain up to 200 times more THC (psycho-active alkaloid) than normal dope.

11. For more information, read Keep Off the Grass by Gabriel G. Nahas. (Paul S. Eriksson Publisher, Middlebury, Vermont, Nov., 1990.)

12. Suggested energetic repair for lifestyle-elimination of marijuana:

Strengthen your etheric field and consciously anchor the stream of consciousness and the lifestream, by visualising energy from your source connecting with your head and heart respectively.

Tap between your eyebrows to activate your pituitary gland (master gland of your endocrine system) with the conscious intent of telling it to recuperate and regenerate.

Take colloidal minerals/electrolytes.

Walk and meditate.

Adopt a positive health-enhancing lifestyle, and learn to love your body enough to take good care of it.

Withdrawal can take up to a week (for the cravings to smoke to stop). At least 6 weeks are often required to return to normal.

(For those interested in the use of crystals: magnetite worn below the navel pulls you back into your body and grounds you. You can use it to help to train yourself to stay in your body and to stay present in reality. Lapis Lazuli can be used to strengthen your aura.)

It is essential to learn to lovingly and willingly endure the pain of life (John Whitman Ray). We all feel pain, and hurt in our lives. Learn to ask for support from others, and to offer support to others. In this way we can learn to support and love ourselves.

Learn to feel the hurt and pain of life (and to feel simultneously how much you don't want to feel it), and to express or not express it appropriately, without suppressing it or avoiding it by shutting down.

- Kyle Grimshaw-Jones

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Treat the source, not the symptom :) and for every ailment there is a natural cure. We are living in a self-contained universe.. The creator has already given us everything we need to Thrive.. all we need now is to remove our bad habits that keep us from being our natural, alive selves... Harmony in diversity..  your health is your greatest wealth.. the body is physician - the whole body, its intelligence is beyond imagining.. so let us not belittle it by treating symptoms, but give the whole body the conditions it needs to thrive, and on its own it will correct any imablance manifesting as illness or symptom.. 


Fenugreek essential oil under the tongue (three drops) three times per day will remedy any feeling of unwholeness that leads to dependencies . Addiction in particular - I have seen it work well for tobacco, alcohol and marijauna addiction.. Fenugreek has phytoessence properties that activate the holy trinity of the body, mind and soul to become whole again.. something that is sought by the high of smoking marijuana - a feeling of santosha..  however its always there, its our natural state of being.. as part of all of nature...


 A fully conscious mind will never make choices that damage the temple that gives expression to the sacred soul.. on earthly scale or personal body scale... 


but in the meantime, as we grow more conscious, look to nature, use natures remedys and treat life and your body with a holistic view.. be the example of shining health to others.. 

arthritis is due to a build up of calcium in the joints. its a simple case of pain from congestion in areas that need to be highly movable.. ..   I was riddled with rheumatoid arthritis at age 23, a tendency inherited from my mother.. the best way to eliminate calcium build up is a diet of 100% raw food.. the body will start to eliminate any residues.. two gota kola leaves per day is the most specific herbal medicine/food for arthritis..

It is a shame to call it marijuana i feel ... a look into who H.Anslinger was and his objectives in naming cannabis  "marijuana" are quite reveling .

A movie called "run from the cure" ..



a google searh on those two names


"People use drugs, legal and illegal, because their lives are intolerably painful or dull. They hate their work and find no rest in their leisure. They are estranged from their families and their neighbors. It should tell us something that in healthy societies drug use is celebrative, convivial, and occasional, whereas among us it is lonely, shameful, and addictive. We need drugs, apparently, because we have lost each other.

Wendell Berry (The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry)

Sifara could answer that best I think!    xxxx


What I will say though is - here we are dealing with symptoms of society /culture gone wrong -

our teenage boys should be at this age exploring their power, their life force, learning life long tools for being powerful creators and protectors and receiving guidance and example from the Elder men.


The need to smoke, drink, squash the life force in anyway, is because they cannot handle all the power of an impending manhood in bodies that haven't been prepared for it, and so distracted from the "Work" of growing into real men, by artificial cultures..   its such hard stuff to deal with it because the root cause is in the culture, not in the family...    


I lost the love of my life to a drug habit. So many do..  Its a very sad thing.

I really hope you can find a way to expose him to powerful and empowered men who can show him a different way..


love Billa

Hi everyone!  This is my first time posting something about any of my experiences and I think its appropriate that the first one be in this thread.. heres why:


Two days ago I decided to stop smoking marijuana. That decision alone has made me feel more powerful that I have ever been. Shortly after that decision I started DOING things instead of only thinking of doing things all the time.. I went and bought a guitar and I'm loving it :) I also started writing in a journal so that I could keep track of thoughts. and I'm not erasing my thoughts anymore..

I used to write mostly when I was high on some sort of drug, these were actually really nice things I would write but later when i would go back to see what I had written, I would start to feel very embarrassed about it all and just erase it. A lot of the time I would think of all the people whose feelings I had hurt.. and I would tell myself "ok tomorrow or whenever, Im gonna go see so and so and Im gonna spill my heart out to them and make everything good again. I would never do it.. then id get angry or depressed and little by little i think that was making me feel like I was good for nothing.. that I couldn't do the simplest of things.  I think thats kind of what Billa was talking about when she said 

Marijuana addiction is a bit trickier because the clarity that comes from the "high" can still speak words of consciousness and well-intended ideas, and yet, the real person is not speaking, only the "high" person.  The real person in the flesh may be very different.


and I was different..  during the High I was a courageous person who was going to make everything good.. whereas in real life I was a scardy cat who wanted to make everything good.. haha.


In fact, when I first read Anastasia about a year ago I was smoking marijuana daily and I kind of continued to do so until a couple days ago.  I feel that as a result of smoking daily I was full of ideas about what to do but I never actually put them into practice..  I wanted to eat better but the munchies always got in the way.. I wanted to speak my thoughts to people but I could never because marijuana made me very very self critical and self doubting..  I was embarrassed of myself in a way.. thats gotta be one of the worst feelings in the world.. oh and it made me SUPER lazy. I was totally ok with doing absolutely nothing for days and days.. 


( I feel that Marijuana and ANY drug for that matter, if you use it in a sense of experiencing something...  It almost force-feeds you an enormous amount of information.  for the unconscious mind it can make it conscious of simple and yet important things..   but the problem is that we continue to use it afterwards when its real purpose was to just show us something and then we were supposed to act on it.. or something..  like that.. ?  )  

Anyway, thats a little story of whats been happening with me and boy do I feel happy to have let go of marijuana, instead of trying to push it away..  we all know that doesn't work. I think Osho says somewhere that the only way to truly be rid of something is to accept it and to let it go.. because pushing will only create a similar push in the other direction.. right? 


I love the 5 rhythms idea and I'm excited to try it!!




WOWSERS!   I couldnt think of any better proactive reply to this entire thread , you have obviously integrated everything written here so very well and decided to set yourself free to be your highest potential!  


makes me very very happy...   people setting their spirits free , makes me sooooo happy...


letting go, surrender, acceptance, and constantly expanding ones perspective to embrace all that is the keys to riding this huge wave of an expanding universe...    Proud of you ENZO!    love and best wishes for your new clear journey.... I recommend fenugreek oil - three drops under the tongue several times per day.. will help the transition... xxxxxx

Hi everyone...   I'd like to make an update on what I said earlier about the use of the Sacred Herb :)  


While what I wrote about it earlier may have been my truth at the time, it was due to circumstances, and the circumstances have changed..  I was using Marijuana almost on a daily basis, a few times per day, and thats why it was, for me, a negative thing.

 Recently I was at some hot springs in northern California where I was camping out, it was in a completely natural setting with wild black berries growing in abundance here and there, rose hips could be seen growing by the river and some apple trees were also growing near by..  This was the first day over there and after a few hours of alternating between floating in the hot springs and swimming in the ice-cold river I decided to swim down river where there were some other, even warmer springs..  Upon arriving at the new hot springs I was met by the smiling face of a beautiful french woman, she offered to share with me part of her joint.  I believe that if a person does not want to do something then surely, they should not. I greatly enjoyed sharing this medicine with her and speaking to someone in my native tongue..  There was still one little thing that was feeling like a weight on my mind..  what would the people with me think of me since I had told them that I don't smoke..  literally 30 seconds later my friend Billa swam up to the pools where I was at and I was feeling that tension even more....   would she see it in my eyes.. was I not acting the way I normally do..  what was she thinking of me...  so to relieve the tension in me I went up to her and said "hey listen just so you know I smoked some weed and if im acting strange well at least you'll know why"    

Automatically after that the whole situation felt absolutely ridiculous, I realized that whenever we are afraid of what another person is thinking of us, we are the ones judging ourselves.  This was a truly liberating moment..  I automatically thanked her for triggering that feeling of insecurity due to what others might be thinking of me..  And what a beautiful feeling it was to no longer be judging myself..   after giving my thanks I jumped out of the pool and swam downriver for a little while, I waked through nature, observed as the clouds slowly drifted by, as the sun painted them pink with time.. I was observing from a new place though..  I had been liberated from my own judgement of myself..  just thought I'd share that.. It was a pretty liberating episode in my life! :) 

Oh, and I forgot to add that I think that Marijuana can be a great medicine for some people, if it is used in a Sacred, non-Habitual, non-Abusive way. It it a very Introspective herb,  if you smoke it while you're alone, or in a sacred circle of people and use it as a vehicle for traveling through your self and through space..  It can be eye opening and open you up to new things..  the trick is to respect that and i guess not to be addicted to it..






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