Do you think that the name "un-schooling" is scaring some parents? Do we believe that what is called "un-schooling" is the real form of schooling? If yes, then what would be a better name/title for this sacred activity?


Thanks for any thoughts on this.



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Hi Marleny!

We are a family of "un-schoolers" and I think you may have a point about the name being off-putting. There are so many labels out there but we prefer to call ourselves "natural learners" (yes me too, we are all learning new things constantly, right?)

However when dealing with people unfamiliar with the concept, it is sometimes just easier to tell them that we learn from home. It's pretty clear what I'm talking about and there is no "school" to be seen ;)


With Love,


How about home they learn life skills along with us

You have a point Marleny in that title possibly turning off some parents. I personally liked it as, what most of us (I believe) refer to by "Un-schooling", is pretty much the opposite of how education is forced in schools.  I wouldn't want this type of education related at all to traditional schools.  While there may be a better title....would definitely like to see one that reflects this.  Am enjoying others responses - thanks for starting this discussion.

Blessings & Be Well~ Michelle

I am grateful that you bought this topic up Marleny, it is a discussion that I have had on so many occasions with other 'unschoolers' :-) I want to move away from labelling us as unschoolers, or even labelling us at all........ But when a 'label' or name is handy, natural life learners as Eric suggested, is much more in alignment with our families intention. It feels so much better to me :-)



Hi marleny, inspired me and I had a think and just thought up this for a new name to something that is new for alot of people and people need something that is uplifting and joyful, what about...New-Schooling..:) thats what it is isnt it? :)) 



Love this Marleny and have shared your insights with a friend :-)

Awesome stuff Marleny, thank you!  Have shared...doing what we can to help the world wake up!!






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