Hi y'all...it was through my crop circle friends back in 2002 that I discovered the 13 Moon Calendar (experiencing the cycle of Time differently) and the Dreamspell Signatures. I had delved into western astrology the previous few years and was totally into it - then along came Dreamspell (it's like a whole new 'sign' for you) and I was hooked. It is something for a new era for sure!

My friends had a book called The Mayan Oracle with them and we read our very long descriptions - instant resonation! Unlike western astrology which seems kinda mental (like me!) and air/firey (yang), this Dreamspell stuff seems very earthly and feeling-y (earth/water) - people can instantly feel it without having to do a lot of thinking. That's the way it felt to me, anyway!

My friends also had a book on Wavespells - what they were - and so I combined the 13 day Wavespell idea with the Mayan Oracle book (which feels verrrry channelled/correct) - taking the questions for each day from the vibration of the Daykeeper for that day (language, language, I know!)

Anyway - if you want to see what your 'sign' is Galactic Signature go here and click on the Dreamspell Calculator: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/free_mayan_readings.html

Then, on the same page you just find your Galactic Signature and click on it and read away! Any resonations??

Each person has a Wavespell as well - it happens every 260 days - and it lasts 13 days. This personal 13 day period is kind of like a listening time - you really watch your life, responses, dreams, relationships, expperiences, opportunities - watch it all and see what's going on - because it's like you're gestating the Theme that will express itself for the next 260 days - stuff happens - it's very cool!

You can find out when your Wavespell is by going to this page and finding your Galactic Signature - then clicking on that Wavespell: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Mayan_20_Wavespells.html

Here is a great downloadable 13 Moon Calendar for this year: Blue Electric Storm from July 26th, 2008 to July 25th, 2009: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=23168112179&h=PtD6l&a... (I'll have to find the new one for the Yellow Self-Existing Seed year coming up!

Basically the whole World goes through 4 repeating Themes: Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm, Yellow Seed - they are 13 year cycles. So right now we're in Cycle 3 (Electric) Blue Storm - about to move into Cycle 4 (Self-Existing) Yellow Seed. In a nutshell Blue Storm is all about breakdown and breakthrough. You come up against a Wall (within yourself) and you MUST find a way to blast through it into....FREEDOM! Yes! Soooo Blue Storm is how it sounds: stormy. But once you get past that wall, difficulty you are SO free - Transformation. yay! Now, Yellow Seed is all about alllll those beautiful intentions you've been seeding - time to nurture them and watch them sprout. For the past few months Jupiter and Neptune have been conjunct in Aquarius totally helping us all to DREAM (neptune) BIG (jupiter) - I know I've felt it! I think you all have too! So our planetary energies are totally helping us right now to dream as big and as beautiful as we possibly can - because those are the Seeds that we are sowing now - and the time is ripe for them to take hold and grow into our big, beautiful dreams!

Soooooo Dream BIG everyone and nurture those dreams...

Information on the coming year: Yellow Self-Existing Seed: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Yellow_Seed_World2009.html

We'll need to plan something beautiful on the Day out of Time which occurs on July 25th - I know that Annette said she is planning something with her people outside in nature - I'd love to hear her ideas and anyone else's! Oh Dachnik day is July 23rd too! Woooooo!!

White Crystal Mirror

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Radha!! Ooooh how exciting - and verrrry interesting that both your wavespells really coincided with something so significant! Fantastic.

My wavespell last year (March 2008 - Blue Hand wavespell) coincided with when I found my land too! The deal didn't actually go through until May - but it was found during that wavespell - I remember thinking that, for sure, this would go through since it showed up during my Wavespell - and it did. yippeeee.

Ooh you got to attend Leonid's workshop?! I would love to do one (although it wouldn't be happening down the road from me - lucky duck)

I actually spent this afternoon updating all the wavespells so it's up to date completely now - you just missed yours! BUT, it's probably still fresh in your memory: June 14th to 26th, 2009 http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Wave_White_Wind.html

What was going on during this time??

Chris' is coming up: August 5th to 17th, 2009 - http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Wave_White_Wizard.html

It's all coming together...

I would love to know what everyone's signature is - I hope they post! I'm a little bit obsessive that way but it really helps to discern energy!

White Crystal Mirror
Radha - that is just sooooo cool - and I love how you are just right there with all these details - I love hearing about the details! Isn't it magical? It really is. We're riding the wave of a new personal energy system, ya know?

How significant your first day was!! I mean - amazing! And, of course, since you're Magnetic that first day is triply special - it's your Galactic Birthday!

Oooh I think that's pretty interesting that on the 7th day (the 20th) you signed the forms because (and I can't help it - western astrology and this mayan dreamspell dovetails so nicely) the 7th house is about relationships and contracts. I don't know if you know much about your western chart? But if you do a really interesting thing to do with lots of Ah-ha moments is to overlay the 13 days of your wavespell onto the 12 houses of your chart - with the 13th day Daykeeper in the center of your chart being like the big summer-upper: you're surrendering to the perfection of your Whole Perfect Self.

Yes, fertile period indeed! Great energies to project into the next 260 day period - nice.

I'd love to hear from others too!
Day tone. 3 is Electric,
Activate Service-Bonding

Blue Hand is the Guide of the Day, effecting Outcome.
Red Skywalker is the Antipode of the Day, the Challenging focus.
(Electric) Blue Night is the Seal of the Day, Destiny.
Yellow Warrior is the Analog of the Day, the Like-Minded power.
White Mirror is the Occult of the Day, the Hidden power.

Blue Electric Night
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Signal Clan- Fire

I activate in order to dream
Bonding intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of accomplishment

this tone 3 fits to my birthday number 12-11-1951 =3
and to my full name in my numbers - as i know there are different traditions in counting

and i like to sleep because of the wonderful dreams
that also accompny my days
and the next wave begins on july 23
with blue electric night as beginning of the new mayan dreamspell year...
Oooooh VeroniKA Blue Electric Night!!! I am soooo familiar with Blue Night energy (my hidden helper) (and Electric energy, too, many of my oldest friends are Electric) - so yes you must be a very good dreamer day and night. A good Image maker, too, I would think. Keep that up!

Yes, I your wavespell starts with Red Dragon on the 23rd - Dachnik day! It's quite a cool wavespell as it covers Dachnik day AND the Day out of Time (25th - YOUR galactic birthday) AND the first day of the New Year. Wow. You get to bring this whole Image of seeding the new year in fulllllly. Love it. I'd love to hear what comes up during your wavespell...keep us posed please!

My electric friends are such good communicators...
have to be a good communicator - at school!!!!! but i had to learn how to say the thing without over "taking" my "vis-a vis" as i often come from my understanding and then could not understand how the other one is not in this ...
since i learned to let be it is so much easier for me
and since that time a can be a teacher and not the maker for any one else
sometimes the english words are difficult to be found...
the mayan calendar by Ian lungold also fits in - haha - there it is sun - tone 5 - wave 16 and night lord 9 (tend to have an emphasis to water signs in their charts as well as a promint mars influence -scorpio and the sons are aries..
Ahhhhhhhh Teacher!

For sake of clarity I'll just say that I call the calendar that I use most of the time the Dreamspell Calendar and the Calleman one I call the Classical Calendar.

So, yesssss....I was oblivious to the Classical calculator for a while - but, about 2 weeks before I discovered it I pulled some mayan cards - just 2. I rarely pull cards as I don't want to dilute the experience with tooooo much pulling - so I did the pull and I pulled Tone 5: overtone and Blue Storm. Hmmmm - I did my thing with that and then forgot about it. When I discovered the Classical calculator two weeks later I put my birthday in and lo and behold I was a Blue Overtone Storm!! ha! Total confirmation. Sooooo upon examining this - not for long, actually, it just took an instant - I formulated a theory that the Dreamspell is Female (it was channelled in 1987...?) and the Classical is Masculine (after I posted this theory I got an email from Calleman saying it was the opposite!! I thought that was funny)....so for females the Dreamspell represents their I AM (like in palmistry the left hand relates to inner/feminine journeys) and the Classical represents their Inner male (mars - and right hand) - so it points to where they put their energy, where they Act...whereas the Dreamspell is about Being. Most men that come to the Deramspell are already expressing their inner female and they seem to really resonate with it.

So, yesss, I feel like our Classical signature can show us where to really put our energy - where to take Action...
this is very interesting what you write here...
as it talks about the feeling i have, too

but i sometimes get
that the female part is in a woman the right side
and the male part the left side

when they do not know how to balance ...
this is the same as you say with the tow calendars

and great that you got an email by calleman
he was so full oof anger that time when i had contact with him
i wish he could balance that....
thank you for explaining

if want to play a bit more
and get support for your intuition
here are the "other dates"

born on 12 november 1951 at 11:44 am in Bad reichenhall - germany

now you can play what ever you want if ever you want
i like this game sometimes
as i can watch my intuition "running"

even if that was a hard time once
when i wrote things down and all came true....

love you
ooooh another Scorpio!! My favoritos. Many best friends are Scorpio's - boyfriends too. With Scorpio you're either IN or you're OUT. heh heh. I have Scorpio rising and mercury/neptune in Scorpio in the first house soooooo I always have a great connection with you guys - oooh yes.

I do like this game of watching my intuition running too!

I just had to look you up (you knew eh?) - and...I have a Virgo Mars too! (I suspect people who are drawn to Anastasia have some Virgo in them as well as Sagittarius/Jupiter/9th house idealism) I am verry familiar with Capricorn rising (mother, boyfriend) - you guys have a seriousness on the surface that demands respect or something..hmmm..you don't demand it - you just get it. Mmm 2 9th house planets! (higher consciousness, foreign to yourselfness) Saturn and Neptune - interestig combination - you like a form for you beliefs (saturn) but at the same time want to be freeeeeeee to feel your belief's intuitively and personally - higher vibration of Love. Very belief oriented - relationship - love oriented (those planets in Libra!) ooh my battery is going out - better send this before I lose it!
Soooooo for you - you get to relax into your Blue Night self....dreaming, creating through your dreams, gestating, holding the space for magic to happen....while actively practicing unconditional love and being a radiant, accepting, warm being...That's interesting these two are soooo ying (blue night) and yang - nice balance...Yellow Sun encourages you to Act more in that yang, extroverted way (or perhaps you already do!)...to bring your Blue Night treasures out into the Light...very nice companions!
and in the outside the sun shines...
hahaha sometimes loud..!!!
today is the beginning of a new dreamspell year...
dream big
be it day
be it night

and trust yourself






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