Hi y'all...it was through my crop circle friends back in 2002 that I discovered the 13 Moon Calendar (experiencing the cycle of Time differently) and the Dreamspell Signatures. I had delved into western astrology the previous few years and was totally into it - then along came Dreamspell (it's like a whole new 'sign' for you) and I was hooked. It is something for a new era for sure!

My friends had a book called The Mayan Oracle with them and we read our very long descriptions - instant resonation! Unlike western astrology which seems kinda mental (like me!) and air/firey (yang), this Dreamspell stuff seems very earthly and feeling-y (earth/water) - people can instantly feel it without having to do a lot of thinking. That's the way it felt to me, anyway!

My friends also had a book on Wavespells - what they were - and so I combined the 13 day Wavespell idea with the Mayan Oracle book (which feels verrrry channelled/correct) - taking the questions for each day from the vibration of the Daykeeper for that day (language, language, I know!)

Anyway - if you want to see what your 'sign' is Galactic Signature go here and click on the Dreamspell Calculator: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/free_mayan_readings.html

Then, on the same page you just find your Galactic Signature and click on it and read away! Any resonations??

Each person has a Wavespell as well - it happens every 260 days - and it lasts 13 days. This personal 13 day period is kind of like a listening time - you really watch your life, responses, dreams, relationships, expperiences, opportunities - watch it all and see what's going on - because it's like you're gestating the Theme that will express itself for the next 260 days - stuff happens - it's very cool!

You can find out when your Wavespell is by going to this page and finding your Galactic Signature - then clicking on that Wavespell: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Mayan_20_Wavespells.html

Here is a great downloadable 13 Moon Calendar for this year: Blue Electric Storm from July 26th, 2008 to July 25th, 2009: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=23168112179&h=PtD6l&a... (I'll have to find the new one for the Yellow Self-Existing Seed year coming up!

Basically the whole World goes through 4 repeating Themes: Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm, Yellow Seed - they are 13 year cycles. So right now we're in Cycle 3 (Electric) Blue Storm - about to move into Cycle 4 (Self-Existing) Yellow Seed. In a nutshell Blue Storm is all about breakdown and breakthrough. You come up against a Wall (within yourself) and you MUST find a way to blast through it into....FREEDOM! Yes! Soooo Blue Storm is how it sounds: stormy. But once you get past that wall, difficulty you are SO free - Transformation. yay! Now, Yellow Seed is all about alllll those beautiful intentions you've been seeding - time to nurture them and watch them sprout. For the past few months Jupiter and Neptune have been conjunct in Aquarius totally helping us all to DREAM (neptune) BIG (jupiter) - I know I've felt it! I think you all have too! So our planetary energies are totally helping us right now to dream as big and as beautiful as we possibly can - because those are the Seeds that we are sowing now - and the time is ripe for them to take hold and grow into our big, beautiful dreams!

Soooooo Dream BIG everyone and nurture those dreams...

Information on the coming year: Yellow Self-Existing Seed: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Yellow_Seed_World2009.html

We'll need to plan something beautiful on the Day out of Time which occurs on July 25th - I know that Annette said she is planning something with her people outside in nature - I'd love to hear her ideas and anyone else's! Oh Dachnik day is July 23rd too! Woooooo!!

White Crystal Mirror

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This is so interesting!
I'll have to look into it more tomorrow (sleep, now)!
I'm Yellow Spectral Human.
Hmmmmm Spectral energy is about stripping away all that is superfluous so that your true shiny Human self can come through...Vessel, body, abundance...
Hi Megan! Aaaaah that is wonderful! Blue Monkey's have the purest divine child within out of all of them...allow yourself to Play! I had a Blue Galactic Monkey as a boyfriend for the last 5 years and I have to say I feel like I finally got the childhood I never had. Not that my childhood was at all difficult - but I was a mature child I guess and don't remember playing like he and I played - ya know? Soooo good to let her out to play! (I have Saturn and Chiron in my 5th house of childhood which explains that serious side)- but Blue Monkey also RULES my 5th house - oooh so trippy - so I know what you mean about the wounded child AND the pure transparent divine child... I think it's kind fo interesting that boy you and Yogamaya are both Lunar's...hmmmm...all about Relationships...

Hi Yogamay!


Have you checked out this page here? http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Pages/blue_lun_hand.html


I'm not an expert and haven't studied the castles etc...but I do feel that Blue's relate to Water and Emotions....

Yellows: Fire & passion

Whites: Air & mental/cerebral

Reds: Earth & practical/natural


I actually just created what I call a Co-Creative Wavespell e-Calendar (40 colour pages in PDF format) that I'm offering to my Anastasis and Facebook friends for free - so email me at tracey@astrodreamadvisor.com if you'd like one!


You can check out some sample pages through my friends page here: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Calendar_Friends.html

 (but remember to just email me for a free one!)



Hi Tracey and everybody,


I first came across the 13-moon calendar in 2004, when my former partner and I just happened to be visiting the town of Takaka, Golden Bay, and Jose Arguelles was there that very same day, and was giving a talk on the 13-moon calendar, so we went along, and wow, we were hooked!

My ex-partner (and still best friend), Glenys, she was really hooked, and she is now one of New Zealand's leading authorities on this subject. I followed along with her, and it all makes a lot of sense to me.

Ever since 2004, I have been keeping two calendars, the "old energy" Gregorian calendar for my interactions with "the world", But for my personal use, I use the 13-moon calendar...  today is Resonant 28.

 For the record...... I am a "Red Self-Existing Moon", and on the old traditional astrology system, a triple-Aquarius (Sun, moon. and mercury. with mars just a degree or two away from those three also).


To me, it seems like the 13-moon calendar fits perfectly with everything in the Ringing Cedar books, I could NOT imagine Anastasia having any use for the synthetic 12/60 time cycles of the Gregorian system! Same with the ancient Vedic Culture....  she does not explicitly say in any of the books, but I'll bet they did NOT count time by our warped 12/60 method!


So...  for me, it makes sense that our "future sane communities of Kins' Domains" will count our time by a sane time-keeping method, and drop the artificial, synthetic, Gregorian calendar!


 Much love to you all,










Peter...wowww look at all that Aquarian energy in you! You're already living in a different world! :) I would think, too, that with your Self-Existing tone you would have something in Capricorn or a strong Saturn OR planets in your 10th house...hmmmm! How fortunate that you got to hear Jose talk in person....must have been pretty fascinating....






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