As of April 12th, 2013, the first Pluto retrograde of our newly christened Golden Age has officially begun!  The significance is both profound and sublime as its evolutionary force will eliminate all which obstructs the purification of our planet and of our individual lives from coming into form.  Until September 20th we will witness great turmoil in the highest echelons of the Babylon system as their leaders and captains are decimated in position and influence.  Coupled with Saturn’s retrograde, which has yet to reach its midpoint, powerful cosmic forces are working ever-so intensely to uproot every evil from our world. 


Love Evolves


Within our individual lives and spiritual journeys we will be forced to evolve beyond crippling or corrupt ways of being so that beyond the retrograde the most luminous versions of life can emerge.  Love is the key factor in determining how successful one will be in evolving in this irresistible plutonic way that God wills for us.  Those who sincerely wish to create a radiant life, purge internal darkness, and heal from past trauma, physical disease, and pain must remain centered in love, the safest energetic vibration to live in with such titanic forces active on our planet.  Consider love to be both a refuge and a gateway into a paradise life.  When we center ourselves in love we can learn to evolve beyond mundane circumstances and traditional human experience that we may venture into a profound internal realm of infinite mystical experience and potential. 


Alchemy Intensified


So that there is no confusion know that Pluto’s retrograde is the most alchemically demanding of any planetary retrograde.  Alchemy is the ancient and marvelous science of transmutation.  It is the science of finding the Kingdom of Heaven within, something that God taught when He walked the Earth as Jesus Christ.  The pressure for us to transform ourselves internally will now become impossible to resist.  The ways in which we must will be obvious.  Not one person will be left wondering how or why.  Evolution has intense periods and one has just begun!  Life or death choices will begin to manifest throughout our lives.  The highest course is to transform in the ways in which life requests, beckons, or demands us to.  When we do our worlds will enter new realms of divine experience.


Ultimate Exposure


Corruption on every level of life will be exposed very publicly during this retrograde, to include, and especially, internal corruptions of the human mind, body, and soul.  With these exposures will come the expectation for all of us to work individually and harmoniously with others, with great diligence and integrity, so that lasting healing and the rebirth of life may occur.  At times our greatest battles are the ones which we fight within.  This retrograde energy provides us the energetic environment and cosmic opportunity to successfully purge all internal negativities for the sake of life and future.  As Pluto’s wave works upon our planet evil in all forms will be forced into sight, unmasked, and left without recourse or retreat in the most unforgiving ways.  As God remakes our world anew consider Pluto’s force to be a filter of sorts that bars entry for those who have hated Him and attacked His beloved planet and children.   


Resonant Experience


Within Pluto’s domain is found a great polar spectrum of life experience.  These experiences can range from hellish to divine dependent upon where our own vibration interfaces with Pluto’s spectrum.  One can gauge their spiritual standing through the nature of their Pluto experiences.  Am I gravitating toward pain or promise, nightmares or dreams, poverty or prosperity, hate or love?  Am I transcending obstacles in life or descending into them?  Regardless of our place in the world the incentive is infinite to transform ourselves internally so that our external lives transform the same.  It is a profound mystical truth that who we are and what we carry within determines the life we experience without.  This is why through alchemy we can find God within and live a divine life without.  He has left the keys to His kingdom inside each of us.  What a blessing and journey in one! 


Laser Focus


It is vital that we purge all things which afflict us in negative ways throughout this retrograde phase.  In particular we should bring focus to fear, mental disturbances, physical disease, corruptions of character, forms of psychosis, abusive relationships, nutritional deficiencies, ego-based personality disorders, traumatic memories, environmental stressors, emotional extremism, neuro-chemical imbalances, addictions, obsessions, degradation to our energy bodies, and in extreme cases, demonic influence or possession.  Without the release of these things one will walk crippled into an environment where we are to flourish as a race and planet in the most liberating, astonishing, and joyous of ways.  Why carry such things through life and why waste time living impaired or in anguish?  With laser-like intensity we should all focus on the core issues which plague our lives as the cosmic time for it has come.




The highest measure of Pluto is purity, within and without.  When one strives to this standard their lives begin to take on divine qualities.  The greatest blessings are reserved for those who strive toward Pluto.  By aligning our lives toward purity we can qualify to receive a cornucopia of the most sacred types of healing and blessing imaginable, some so divine that they must be held in total secrecy.  Here are some practical methods one can use to begin their journey into purity:  adopting a vegan diet, conducting oneself virtuously, and filtering out forms of darkness like drugs, nutritional or environmental toxins, corrupted writing, media, or music, corporate or government propaganda, negative thoughts and emotions, destructive ideologies, non-loving sex, hateful speech, and low-vibrational people or social settings.  We can also purify ourselves metaphysically through the use of certain crystals, gemstones, and minerals.  I endorse kunzite, charoite, and herkimer diamond to be used in combination throughout Pluto’s retrograde to quicken the release of internalized negativity – and more.  They are a sublime trio. 


Death and Rebirth


Death and re-birth are governed by Pluto’s cycle in the Zodiac.  We can all expect certain aspects of our lives to become destroyed so that new and profound aspects may emerge.  We should not fear this destruction or any metaphorical deaths that transpire because these experiences can serve our highest spiritual purposes and enable incredibly positive transformations to happen.  Although the process can be extremely intense the results far exceed any temporal price.  As Pluto regresses in Capricorn there will be secret enrichments blessed to the most dedicated servants of God that will enable them to heal, transform, empower, and influence in the most impressive ways.  New authorities will also be granted.  The world is in need of healing because the devil’s wrath has been great.  Those who find themselves in positions of strength are expected to serve those in need of strength.  Evil is real and it wanes beneath Pluto’s retrograde so fear nothing that Babylon mounts that attempts to distort the truth of their permanent and terminal decline. 


Archetypal Implosion


The term “archetype” refers to a cosmic pattern that expresses itself through the Earth plane.  As Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn those who contain these archetypes and who are of a negative vibration will experience forms of implosion and disintegration.  Observe in the world as the following archetypal patterns implode throughout Pluto’s retrograde:  the plutocrat, the tyrant, the rapist, the black magician, the warlord, the aristocrat, the propagandist, the statesman, certain high-ranking demons, and the devil himself.  An example of someone who carries the negative Pluto in Capricorn archetype would be Bashar Al-Assad, the demonic, blood-stained president of Syria.  Those of his class and peerage will experience the worst of Pluto throughout this year, and in some cases, survival is not part of their future.  Many yet live oblivious to the wickedness which masks itself as honorable stewards of society.  Watch as the masks of these serpents crumble causing a great effect of popular awakening from mass hypnosis.  It will be impossibly difficult for them to deceive the world while their lives are being unraveled. 


For The Mystics


There are worlds beyond our own which can only be accessed by traveling within ourselves.  Life transforming experiences will happen to many of us without any external showing.  There will be mystical initiations occurring across the globe as Pluto’s energy sublimates us into the future.  Inner portals will yield profound wealth to be shared wisely.  Those who walk the Earth with ancient souls will relish forms of remembrance that will confirm and empower divine purpose.  Some of us will die and be reborn again as rites of passage are fulfilled.  The Masters of old may speak now that Pluto is retrograde.  The most dedicated of us will receive profound tutelage.  The mystic tradition will thrive the world over as this energy envelops us.  Expect the most divine and bewildering things to come as planets make aspect to Pluto.  As the wise are enriched and strengthened in secret the divine agenda for the Earth will advance in stealth. 


Divine Contributions


A new social order is rising as the old one falls.  This process is as inevitable as sunrise.  We must all unite and divest from the dying world and invest in the things which hasten the growth of the new one, the paradise world which God has promised us but which we must all work to create, together, each contributing our own divine portion.  We are all here to raise ourselves and our planet.  The manner is unique but the goal is common.  Beneath Pluto’s retrograde contemplate what your role is in this grand scheme because we all have one, just as surely as we all have the power to change the future.  For so long Babylon has tried to deceive us into thinking that we have no choice or power in what happens to us.  The truth is so frightening to them, the truth that we all have divine power to raise our future and transform our world in glorious ways, so put fear to rest and live life with zest.


Pluto’s Gate


Once upon a time, in a vision, one of mine, I saw a spire so grand in height, crowned atop with golden light.  This light at peak was God I know, it spoke to me where souls must go.  The journey up was a spiraled one, the steps were lit by the glory of sun.  Each loop around was one Earth year, a quick glance up and it became clear.  This feat could not be done without, some way to live long life no doubt.  The journey up had centuries price, with no chance up through average life.  I thought this through, my God, how can, someone climb this path so grand?  I wondered on beyond this day, I thought it through without delay.  The answer came like lightning sweet, like keys to make a song complete.  As we climb we’re blessed to keep the climb, with strength and life and grace sublime.  This truth is sealed in word and rhyme, the steps unfold in cosmic time.  Ascension yields God’s infinite grace, in life it’s wise to keep natural pace.  I’ll never forget, this vision remains, when Luna met Pluto through Taurus it came.  I want so much that you’ll climb with me, so we all can see God’s majesty.  I share this so you can all relate, to the inward journey beyond Pluto’s gate…


In devotion,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



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