Solstice Energies: The Inner and Outer Sun


Winter Sun CornwallAt the beginning of 2013, I was relaxing and integrating after my Solstice experiences at Palenque Mexico.  I was in a beautiful place on the Oaxacan coast of Mexico and after a lot of travel to sacred sites around Mexico and Guatemala, my soul brother and I were just being and relaxing by the sea.    

We had unbeknownst to us decided to stay at one of the few beaches where you can see the sun rise and the sun set, specifically only at around this time of year.

Each day, for over 9 days we got up to watch the sunrise and sat to watch the sunset.  Each day that we greeted the sun and watched him/her sink below the water, I felt an increased energy and connection to the sun.  Gradually,  I started to feel the sun rise in my body before it rose above the water in front of me.  In the evening, as the sun dipped, I would feel the sun descend into my body.

I started to sense that at night, I had been given the sun to embody for safe keeping, until she/he’s time it was to rise the next day.  At sunrise I felt as if the sun was rising up through me to birth the new day.    My body had become one with the spinning cycles of the earth and sun.   It was an act of deep privilege to watch and feel the sun rise up through me, and I felt a level of connection and sacred responsibility to look after the Sun while she/he was sleeping.

Kinship/oneness with the Sun

‘Kinship’ has its root in the word ‘Kin’.  To be akin with something is to be one with, the same as and intimately connected to.  Hunbatz Men, (lead Elder of the Itza Mayan tribe whose ceremonial place is Chichen Itza) in his book the ‘Secrets of the Mayan Science/Religion”  shares how many of our words come from Mayan words, including Kinship.    The Mayan name for our sun is  ‘Kinich Ahau’  and we are are all ‘Kin’ or of Kinich Ahau.    As such, we connect and remember our origins as we connect with our sun and the line of suns back to the central sun.  They are our ancestors, great grandfathers and mothers of our spiritual lineages.  They are our Kinship.

The Central Sun of the Heart.



I spent time with Hunbatz Men when I was in Mexico, and he emphasized our connection to the sun by turning to Kinich Ahau with our hands out to him/her and then bringing our hands to our heart, aligning the right and left, the yin and yang, masculine and feminine with the sun of our hearts.  The heart being not only the central hub of our energy system, but also the place of direct connection with Kinich Ahau.

Solstice and our connection with the solar lineages.

Summer solstice sunset

Summer solstice sunset Bosnian Pyramids

As I consider this time of Solstice, I feel the peak activity of the sun within me.  I become aware of my relationship to the suns energy, as it is held and born within my heart.

In the UK, we approach Winter Solstice, where the sun reaches its greatest time below the horizon.  On a personal level, I understand this to mean that the sun is spending the greatest amount of time held within me for safe keeping.  There is a 3 day pause where in the northern hemisphere the light of the sun is taken deeply within, dissolving darkness from within, bringing light to the inner landscape of our being.  There is a feeling of immense energy held and the awareness of the great container of light that we are.   On the outside we are given greater darkness, so that we might venture into the sun of our heart and see clearly. Dissolution of inner confusion, replaced with clear light seeing.  There is a building of the inner and unseen subtle currents of consciousness.

For those friends in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun is reaching its greatest time above the horizon, the outer light is shining strong, there is a 3 day period of great radiance of light.  There is an awareness of full birthing and opening to the light within as a radiance and beacon in the outer world.    From the great outer light, you reflect on the majesty of Being.  There is a call of the Avatar to be seen, to step forward and become manifest.  There is the beauty and joy of seeing your inner light reflected by the brilliance, warmth and strength of the outer sun.

Unity of Holding and Birthing.

The beauty is that, as always, the inner and outer, contraction and expansion, happen simultaneously. Whilst friends in the southern hemisphere celebrate the full birth and manifestation of Avatar Light to the world, those in the northern Hemisphere hold safe and secure the Inner Sun of Transformation.  We are one whole.  As we are kin with our sun, so we are kin with each other.    As we bring greater awareness of our connection and awakening to the Solar Return within and without, we awaken our collective consciousness of empowered Becoming of our Greatness.    

Whether it is the holding or birthing of solar codes that is your role at this time, I invite you to tune into your experience, and offer some moments of silence, prayer, or meditation to reflect and embrace this peak of consciousness.

Prayer of the Cosmic Human

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