NATURAL TIME - 13 Moons, Nature's Cycles, Seasonal Celebrations


NATURAL TIME - 13 Moons, Nature's Cycles, Seasonal Celebrations

Attunement to Natural Time is the most liberating way to bring yourself back into the bosom of CREATION - Ancient peoples lived in harmony with Nature's cycles, human cycles and celestial rhythms.. Share your resources and experiences here!!!

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Comment by Tracey Gendron on July 4, 2009 at 2:53pm
Jo - Bridges are in demand - you're in demand!! (laughing) But, it's true...supa
Comment by Jo Turner on July 3, 2009 at 3:09pm
Yep :) Sending good thoughts your way, that Mumma Nature jumps out in front of you waving her version of a big bright neon sign! Or if you are having the clear skies that we are up here, maybe its a good time to rug up and lie flat on your back in the yard and do some star gazing....never know what answers you get from there..... Have a beautiful weekend, Sue.
Comment by Jo Turner on July 3, 2009 at 8:43am
You know, that photo on my home page of Dad and me was all I knew about life until I was 5 - the sun and moon were natures time, so in order to work with nature, they were ours too. Then I did school at home until I was say, 13 - half inside - half in nature - then we moved and I was wrenched out of my beautiful life to go to a 'normal' school. (I had a laugh at what you said below about lunch,Serena, the first time the school bell went to tell us lunch had "finished" (oh really? I couldn't have worked that out on my own!! :) I cried and cried and cried, because it was my first ugly lesson in 'drone time', and I realised at that very moment, this was a different world than what I was used to - and I didn't like it. So I have a healthy disrespect for the hamster wheel of routine, deadlines etc as an adult (altho I did go through a period of being a workaholic - recovered now!) But I feel that while I am healthy, able, and have skills that are suited to making a difference in the 'old world' world, I need to go there, but do it in my own way. There are a lot of people who ask for help about checking out of the system, but I still need to be able to talk their talk and work somewhere within their sphere of reality - if the gap's too wide, they don't want to jump across. Is that making sense? My life's purpose seems to be being that person in the middle, bridging the gap etc. So for me anyway, that means finding creative ways to work with 'the system' but around it too. OK, really not coherent now - better go.. Wonder what time it is?................. (kidding) :) Have a great day/few hours/period in history/moment of being everyone!!!
Comment by Lady of the Woods on July 3, 2009 at 1:22am
I also rebelled against time and 'the clock'.
I hated working and living by a always unnerved me to 'have' to be somewhere, either school or work, or I had to have lunch, or go to bed because of this stupid clock.
I screamed out to the universe that I didn't want to be a slave to the clock or the timing of earth people anymore because I wanted to experience my own spirit and soul....and I couldn't as long as I lived by 'clock'. Soon enough, I couldn't work and decided I would experience myself from now on. I got rid of all timing things except for a battery run clock for 'important' things. When the morning came I would check with my spirit to tell me what to do or when. I went to bed when I was time to tell me. I made this a daily practice. This disengagement from the clock revealed itself to be a Spiritual Practice because I turned away from a technological deviant device, and tuned to my spirit. And I suddenly became part of something Grand...or rather, I became aware of being part of it when I gave up on time. I felt larger and this was natural. The previous life of clocktime was a web over my spirit. I began to see a glimmer of my Divine heritage when a device no longer controlled my life. I began to slow down and see a rat race running around me. I began to experience my spirit and my own desires and became clear that I was an individual, unique, and that I had my own purpose in life....but not clear what it was. I realized also that every single person also has a purpose but they cannot know it, nor their spirit or soul if they are living by 'time' and doing things like work or school by the clock. I saw clearly the invisible web of enslavement for any who are 'run by the Pope Gregori's time' wasn't God's time.
Indigenous people experience Nature as living and as part of themselves because they are outside this time,,,,,,and modernized people cannot see it because they are all on a timeline that acts like a vacuum, a tunnel both for their vision and experience. It was also a way of tuning people away from the Natural Mother of Nature and her workings, and effectively uprooting humanity from their connection to Her. Can you imagine Anastasia telling Volodya that it is 'time' for his lessons?? This is against all progressive thought process.
I escaped. And I saw many many things.
For the past 13 years, I never know what time it is, unless intuitively, nor what day it is and even what month, unless I'm told. I don't want to know. I must live on my own ....and I do. I would never go back, and I would have it no other way.
So, when I plan to meet with someone I tell them they must remind me by phone or email when it is. Also my roommate helps to remind me when I need it. It has been extremely liberating.
Learning another way of keeping the time according to God's cycles is much better, but it is still keeping time.
I think it is best to escape it all together.
Comment by Jo Turner on July 2, 2009 at 9:22pm
....and I always forget the family "important dates" (and my own) :) LOL
Comment by Jo Turner on July 2, 2009 at 9:20pm
Hey Glen, I hear you - I don't own a watch or clock either - haven't done for about 10 years, but I pretty much know the time if I have to be somewhere, instinctively. As a personal belief, I don't take any money from the Govt (because I don't believe in the system of governance, I also feel I shouldn't then receive from it because it perpetuates a system I don't fundamentally believe in) and my garden isn't productive enough for me to make a living that way through bartering etc, so in my world that means work from the skills I have, and in the people's worlds I work with, that means me doing things when I say Im going to. :) One day, things will be different!

About the moon, I just suggested the moon phases in respect of gardening cycles etc and getting in touch with the ebb and flow of the monthly cycles - maybe its more of a 'girl thing' :) Don't know why you couldn't see the link - Kali couldn't see my website either for a while, but others can... can you check out the main page and tell me if that works for you? Im curious! (the moon pic is actually reversed for southern hemisphere but I can always look up if I want to check!!) Have a good week next week! Namaste.
Comment by Hardy on July 2, 2009 at 8:16pm
Hi Kali thanx for creating this group,its good to know I,m not alone in my thinking!!!My birthday is in the 29th of June,and its always been a big thing in my life,for instance i refuce to work on that day,cause its My Day,the Day I decided to come into This world,and that was before Anastasia!!!
For me it was always the start of a New Year cause I mean,thats the Day it All started,then I realise the Winter Solstice down south is actually the starting point of the old Pagan believe systems,so needless to say for me the 4 guarters,seasons how I conduct now most of my life...down South its the start of the growing season so I attempt to sart all my new projects now,planting the seed so to say,then the growing stage,maturity,ext,untill reflection time next year just before June,and its working everything is flowing better,for me life is like a big garden,we get born,the seed sprout,growing,maturity then finally back to the Earth,and the seasons does have a influance on us
take care
Comment by Billa on July 2, 2009 at 4:28pm
Radomir - what is your full birthday?
Comment by Jo Turner on July 2, 2009 at 1:57pm
Hi everyone, this might be useful...
It shows the moon phases (current screen might show time settings for my part of the world - if so, just adjust... 'just adjust'?? :) Most of us just wander outside and look up at the moon to find out what its doing, but in our technical world today, putting a little visual reminder on our website can be a nice way to gently remind others who visit your site, that we are in fact, connected to the big wide universe...crazy thought, I know!! :) You can check out how the little pic can look on your website/blog whatever, on mine if you like (scroll down - its there) ....
Hope this might be useful to someone. xo
Comment by Radomir O' Hanok on July 2, 2009 at 12:28pm
I am ignorant in these things at present. My birthday is Jan 12th. Does this mean anything other than I'm a Capricorn Vedic? LOL

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