I have this Vision of creating books for young children about Anastasia with beautiful illustrations. The wonderful Truths she speaks would be outlined simply and clearly. And I want it in major book stores available to the masses.
  Most children today aren't given a chance to hold on to their God given inherent knowledge. We are pushed into forgetting so early on in our lives that we find ourselves in our 20's, 30's, 50's, etc trying so hard to remember what we once knew, what we intuitively feel is just waiting for us to re-discover. I want to help, in a powerful way, give children a chance to never forget. Not just my own, but the children whose parents gave up on remembering a long time ago. Perhaps then, the children will even help their parents remember.
If anyone has  ADVICE on this subject or any other comments, I would love to hear it.

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I think this is wonderful, i would absolutely buy your books!! I ask my 10-month old every day what she remembers from the "other place" ... i'm still working on understanding her replies as she still speaks the "other language" ;-) But soon i feel our languages will connect (her thoughts are speeding faster than mine!) and i look forward to the amazing dialogue we will share!!
Having done an awful lot of writing the best advice I can give is this. Just start! Get out that pen / computer and with Anastasia in one hand pick out what you want to include. Go visit some bookshops and find books in the age range that you want to target and look at the level of language skills they use so that your book will be understandable to that age group. Find an illustrator / start doing the drawings yourself... this part takes a very long time so start as soon as you can. Have fun!
A beautiful vision Serene! Please seek out Earth Child on here - she has written and published a book that she recently sent to me for my boys and it is so wonderful and simple - she would love to talk to you! There are so many angles to take with sharing Anastasia with children and the more the better ! When the foundation is up and running and fully resourced we would love to support projects like these! keep dreaming.... and sharing... stay in close to the support here..

love Billa
I tried to find her in regard to the book, but couldn't..... 
thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful support! i can just feel my heart opening more and more each time i communicate with people that truly understand and feel what it is that i am feeling all day, every day! i shall begin!
serene, i have been contemplating this for a few years.
maybe we should meet up and do it this year or next spring.
yes, sister! you see, i knew i was strongly and intuitively drawn to you for a reason. i absolutely love how easily spirit guides me to kindred spirits at the perfect times. i've been studying for my massage therapy exam, so i've been wholly focused on that. too bad i don't believe in tests, or this would feel a lot more satisfying. that will be over in a week and i will begin indulging in all my creative urges (well, not all... a second baby is going to wait a while!). i've also been inspired to write songs lately. it just started one day, i can't stop!

lets begin sharing ideas... i would love to cocreate with you, goddess!
advice is much appreciated, actually! i've never done this before and i truly desire to hear your ideas. i would love to hear more about your thoughts on illustrations that reach into the soul. i don't need this to be a "one-woman show". i would love to cocreate with anyone inspired to help!

my thoughts for book 1 (that would touch on Anastasia Book 1) are of 2 best friends, young boy and girl, meandering happily through the forest. they are not lost or helpless. they meet anastasia and have a conversation full of insight and imagery and magic. all wisdom exists within these children and their awareness of this expands. they also teach her. the children lead the way through the forest, and as the conversations end, they step into a meadow leading to the spaces of love created by their parents.

all happiness, joy, and upliftment of the human spirit. please feel free to expand on these ideas! i'm also wondering about the age group. thanks for your loving imput.

As I've been going through Book 1, I'm thinking I might do an entirely separate book on Anastasia's advice on gardening, perhaps The Garden of Light. My idea is that the same children from the other book are gardening in their very own plot, carrying out all of Anastasia's suggestions in a very natural way. 


Does anyone have any advice about copyright stuff? Like who I need to contact and how to contact them? From what I understand, most people who write children's books have absolutely nothing with the illustrations, the editor figures all that out. Well, these aren't your typical children's books! The illustrations really need to be made by someone who has read the books and is creating in an intuitive conscious manner. Well, I realized that I am not the one for that job! As much as I love to draw and create artistically, I know there is someone, perhaps in this online community, who could fill that role PERFECTLY! If you know who that is, please let me know! I really want to make this happen, but I realize that it is a very real process. CALLING ALL CO-CREATORS!! LETS DO ONE FOR THE CHILDREN!


I'm new here but I'd love to colaborate with you guys. Drawing is my life :) and ur ideia is simply GREAT


perfect! only i'm not sure what to do. i haven't finished any kind of manuscript yet, and i think its going to take a while. i would love to see some of your work and share ideas!






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