By Paul Kuronya

The effects of television on the human organism have been documented since the late 1950’s, yet very little has been done about it. Television as an art/ information etc. medium is completely unrelated to the world in which children live, offering dead images that require no involvement or interaction, creating a lulling of their awareness while allowing half conscious images to penetrate deep into the child’s unconscious soul life. These unconscious images can resurface much later and manifest as behavioural and learning difficulties, poor attentiveness, nervousness, lack of discipline and a lack of motivation.

The technical process involved to bring television into the lounge room quite literally tears us (inwardly) apart. Television emits 25 separate images per second that bombard children with information their senses are unable to digest. These images from the outer world create frustration for the child’s inner world, resulting in uneasiness, nervousness and at times aggressive, antisocial behaviour. These images on our screen are made up of concentrated light spots that shatter the child’s soul as they attempt to process the information their senses have received. While watching television we are also condemned to keep still; this in its self is not a natural state for children. This stillness affects the whole being, even our eyes. When our eyes function normally they search for harmony and a sense of completion that is then offered to our whole organism. We then unite with what we are seeing and respond to it accordingly. Our eyes are constantly adjusting to changes in light, colour, movement and focal distance,. However with television, we view from a fixed distance and with the constantly changing images, our eyes become paralysed into a frozen stare and our soul has no connection with the images presented.

The vegetative state adapted while watching television also interferes with the child’s sense of movement. Our sense of movement determines how we go through life and helps direct our decision making process. We become aware of our movement not from the outside but from an inner experience that gives the possibility for a healthy soul and later in life, moral freedom. When a child runs, jumps or plays with a ball, their sense of movement is fully involved (this hidden from their consciousness). What we do see is their sense of movement shining outward and creating a sense of freedom in the child. Later in life, what we perceive as a healthy, free soul comes from our sense of movement radiating the muscles natural movements of expansion and contraction into our soul (this is one of the reasons why eurythmy is such an important part of our curriculum). Television works against this by destroying the child’s ability to experience and work with the outer world, creating a barrier between the child and the world in which they live. During this vegetative state children become addicted to pictures that deny them an inner experience, thus television introduces children to the same effect as that provided by narcotics.

The child’s natural development can be severely harmed through exposure to television. Their senses of touch, life, movement and balance (this relates to the concept of twelve senses, not five) are the child’s foundations for future development. If early sense development is harmed through watching television, other senses will also suffer. Children today are losing their natural sense of warmth, becoming old before their time and developing an attitude of coldness to the world in which they live. Once this happens, the child’s undeveloped ego cannot grow, their originality and creativity will atrophy, leaving them vulnerable to negative impulses. The developing child needs to feel supported as they grow, to be able to develop healthy sense perceptions and nurture a sense of sympathy for the outer world through which the young ego can develop, thus preparing a strong foundation for life. Television, although fun and entertaining, creates a lower realm of fantasy for the child that they take deep into their soul and reproduce/imitate in their play. This imitation is an outer sign of what is resonating deep in the child’s developing organs.

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So True!!! And people wonder why children are "ADD". And if they happen to have loads of Life Energy in spite of all the TV, they are labeled "hyper-active"! Totally ridiculous!! Thank God we don't even own a TV! So many people ask us all the time, "What do you do?" being that we don't watch television. WE LIVE! We read, we talk, we pray, we walk, we bask in the sunshine, meet new interesting bugs, dance, laugh, play, sing; CREATE music (a lot), art, games, stories. I ought to ask those people "What on Earth are YOU doing? WAKE UP!"

Unfortunately, the dearest people in our lives are often quick to offer him some time in front of the TV when we're not around, and he's beginning to find more interest in it. A year ago (he's 3 1/2 now) you couldn't keep him interested in it for more than a couple minutes. Its all good though, soon enough we'll be living in a community in the woods where it won't be an issue--our very own kin's domain. He'll still have frequent visits with our dear family, we'll just have to make sure they will truly respect our NO TV rule when we're not around.
We have five children, and the oldest (nearly 16) was exposed to a little public television when she was a toddler. The others have never seen any T.V. (Nor have their father and I since.) I homeschool, so that makes it easier. The result of this non-exposure has been incredible. Imaging children who do not ask for material things, because they were never programed to do so. These children spend nearly all of their free time outdoors, among the trees, rivers and meadows. Their communication and growth is inspired by the plants and animals on our domain. They have meaningful friendships with their siblings.
We have occasionally watched borrowed movies, with discretion, but usually regret the effort. We've seen marked changes in their tolerance for each other and their expectations when they have been exposed to certain movies. We have also seen some worthwhile fims. Although, it's always best to allow them to read or to be read to when they feel like hearing a story.
My feeling is that it's best never to expose them to it from the start. They cannot become addicted to or influenced by this passtime if it never existed for them.
you have truly blessed your children! you haven't stolen (or attempted to steal) their passion for their very own lives! instead, you gave an environment in which to thrive! and god bless you for it!
Thank you for sharing this! We are TV-free as well and have noticed a marked difference in our now 3 year old ever since we freed ourselves of having one. We rarely watched it anyway but just its presence in our house produced much distraction-energy. I agree with you, Serene, it can be difficult when your little ones spend time outside the home, namely at relative's homes, where the atmosphere is not so much in your control. We have struggled with that as well... It will be a good practice in authenticity and setting boundaries to really put our foot down when it comes to being around family who have the tv on all the time. It is our job as guardians to provide spaces around our children, no matter where they are, that nurture and inspire and serve their highest selves.

With Love,


WOOHOO!!!!!  Well I finally did it....removed the TV from our house and gave all the DVDs away (except for about 8 of my fav's :) - although not sure how I'll watch them now lol).

I have been contemplating this for quite some time now and since going raw recently, I've found I'm just not interested in watching TV anymore and the boys were just getting too 'numb' and 'addicted'.  They would want it to be the first thing they did when they woke up, always asking for ABC kids. 

Well today was our first TV free day and.....




Not only did we survive, but we had a fun day....had our own 'playschool' by listening to playschool CD /nursery rhymes and making playdough.....the boys nearly played very creatively with playdough the whole day - which was a rainy day mostly.  Yay, we survived without a TV even on a rainy day:)  I was thinking yesterday how ironic it was that playschool is such a wonderfully 'educational' and 'play-based' show, but yet my boys would just sit there and watch other kids playing.  Well today we had our own 'playschool'.


Looking forward to many more creative moments:)








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