Hi all:)  I feel inspired to get this ball rolling, following on from reading Sandra Rae's blog about Ideas for a Ringing Cedars School; reading Donanne's inspirational story about her free school as a child in the woods and her current journey with her own children;  wanting to talk more to new member, Patricia, about her homeschooling experience with her 5 children; reading about Anne's unschooling with her children; and the many, many others inspirational stories on this site.  I believe we all have a wealth of knowledge and experience that, combined with the Anastasia books and other information out there, we can create a fabulous "school" that can be transferred anywhere in the world, but that isn't really a "school" at all;)  


I come from a primary teaching background in the state system, that I left after I had my children because I couldn't imagine sending them to such a structured, controlled environment where the children spend so much time doing 'busy work' and learning (so it seems) purely for the intentions of passing a test or getting outcomes checked off, so the teacher can say, yep that child is ready to move up to the next year level, or nope, that child needs learning support.    Even as I type this now, I am amazed/horrified/can't really think of the right word to sum up how I feel about this whole system and the part I played in it for so many years!!!   How asleep was I?  So glad, for my own children's future, that I am awake to this now and can change it all for them:)


So I am interested in trying to figure out how this new type of 'school' would look?   I don't even want to call it a 'school'.  Any ideas on a better term?  At present we have our children enrolled in a great little independent democratic school that our eldest will start next year, but I still have my reservations as it is not Spiritual/Consciousness based and still adheres to the state curriculum (required by government) and I don't like the fact that I am handing my children over to someone else each day.  Now, for my family, this is the best case scenario because my Husband doesn't agree with Homeschooling  or the Steiner schools (too spiritual) so this was the best compromise we could come up with, but I am working on trying to convince him otherwise.   I know that I can manifest anything I desire:) 


Okay, so enough of that.......let's get down to business.......how will this 'school' work?  It needs to be able to fit in with government rules and regulations, because in some states/countries (such as the state I live in) you are not allowed to 'unschool' and have to still adhere to certain curriculum guidelines (as Nick is finding over in Western Australia).  So I am thinking if we really want to manifest this and make it work, we need to come up with some way to 'report' our child's progress to the g'ment in such a way to keep them satisfied, while still allowing our children to be free to learn what they want, when they want.  From my experience in schools, there are set outcomes for each year level that have to be 'checked off', so my thought is that maybe each child has his/her own list of outcomes that parents can check over the lifetime of their 'schooling' years, but not in any particular order.  For example, perhaps at age 6 your child learns about and comprehends maths from 3 different school year levels but doesn't show any interest in reading or writing yet.  The parent can then check off those mathematical outcomes and not worry about language until the child is ready, which may not be until the age of 9.   I hope this is all making sense and not too confusing.  It's a bit like the Russian school (on the DVD) where the children learn a whole subject in one year, that would take a child in regular school to learn over 5 years.


I also imagine this New Earth/Ringing Cedars School to be a bit like homeschool/unschooling amongst the different families in each domain where they come together to learn, not in a 'school' but in nature.  Sitting against a tree or lying on the grass.   All of the parents and people in each domain are the children's teachers and the children themselves teach one another.  The children are learning about science through hands on gardening and their art lessons are when they are inspired to draw/paint/sculpt with pure joy, imagination and consciousness with their friends and family.  Music lessons happen with other kin as they sing and play instruments around the campfire.  Physical Education is covered by dancing barefoot on Mother Earth.  Children learn about mathematics as they count the number of apples produced on the apple tree that season or when they are helping to build a new house/structure in the community they can estimate and measure. 


Okay, enough of my babbling......would love to hear other's thoughts/ideas/experiences/etc   


Love and Light,

Sue-Ellen :)

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Creativity certainly does play a huge part in an individual's learning:) I found this great video a little while ago and your post has reminded me to revisit it......

.....I'm off to purchase this book also (The Element by Sir Ken Robinson) that has been on my wish list for a while now :)
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Wow I cannot believe the speed at which I am able to manifest my desires lately......I am now free to homeschool our boys (and by that I mean I have the support of their Daddy). A friend contacted me recently to share some negative information she had found out about the school we had the boys pre-enrolled in and so, because there are no other schools we (the boys' Dad and I) can agree on, he is happy for me to give homeschooling a go as it will also work in well with his everchanging roster and visits with the boys without disturbing their schooling if they were in a regular school!!!!! :) :) :) Thank you to anyone who was helping me manifest this......much Love and Gratitude to You :)
Hmmmm! So I am not sure how this is all going to manifest, but I keep thinking that creating a "school" is rather an ironic thing to do, considering that we are trying to "unschool" our children. I am still unclear as to what my role in all of this is. One part of me wants to create this place where children can come learn in nature, etc, but another part of me then realises that this goes against the whole philosophy of being with our own children, and not sending them off to "school". I'm now that this is a transition, a bridge, that needs to happen, but I'm just not clear on which way to go. This is another example of the ideal future......a place where everyone is living on their own land, in communities, working together and raising their own children in nature.....but what is the best way to get there.....is creating a "school" just going to prolong this transition. Or is it simply a matter of me being at home with my own children and "unschooling" them and working towards getting our own kin's domain/community happening where we can blend with other families to learn together and then show others how to do this themselves. Or is it by opening up a 'school' where children of parents who work and can't homeschool/unschool get a chance to learn through the unschooling philosophy at this Nature School.
Like with all of the ideals for our future, we need to start small, and we need to start somewhere.....a bit like growing gardens in your own backyard in the cities!
And so I think that starting a 'school' is not the way to go afterall (and I hope that isn't my fear kicking in and giving up???) but I think that by sharing our experiences on here about what we do and how our children are learning might help others to see how easy it is to homeschool/unschool and have the courage to take their children out of school and bring them home; home to the unconditional love; home to the limitless possibilities for learning right in our own backyards. To realise that they don't need to be 'teachers' to teach their own children. The universe provides all the knowledge!!! And it is not about 'teaching' but rather, 'learning'; learning together and realising that our children can 'teach' us just as much as we can ever teach them:) And to show others that they shouldn't let things such as finances prevent them from staying home with their children.....use the Law Of Attraction and manifest anything you desire!!!!!

Okay so I'm feeling good about this now and feel this is the direction to head in. Perhaps to set up a new discussion in this group or maybe start a new group based just on Unschooling, and then each discussion within that group will be based on different areas - a place to share stories/photos; a place to talk about the different subject areas and how nature provides the lessons for these; a place to ask for support; etc. This might be a little 'tidier' and 'organised' and easier to access information??? I'll talk to Billa about how to start a new group:)
Focus on creating spaces of love for children to be conceived, to be born, to taste the universe. put a living fence around them and let them be free, there you have your school.

In the meantime. just be in nature where ever possible, create gardens with them, listen to them and let them play! protect them from technocratic artofficialdom and create safe spaces for their spirits to expand. sleep under the stars with them and get together with other natural learners, homeschoolers and unschoolers.

the schools will come with the kins domains.. meanwhile a specific support group shall be created on here to support your journey. and Sue Ellen just got a new job to administrate it.. you see we create what we need in the virtual world by dreaming it and it can be created in an instant and then, when the time is right it shall be made manifest..

the world is soon to be a much more beautiful place and things will flow more effortlessly.. you'll see.

love each other , love the children. feed them organic raw food so they can vibrate high with nature!

love Billa
I missed this reply earlier.....very inspirational Billa! Thank You:)
Thanks for sharing this Radha:) I had forgotten all about this school. I came across it on a search I did on the Steiner Schools site a while ago. It is such an amazing place hey! I even read an interview in the Dumbo Feather magazine with the founder John Hardy, which an interesting read. I'd love to go and check it out one day:)
Hi Sue-Ellen

I dont have too much to add, other than to suggest an aussie site that run for homeschoolers/unschoolers - www.joyouslearning.info

you may find some ideas/perspectives on the forums there
Thanks Elizabeth:) I'm off to check it out right now!






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