I just signed this petition.

I never understood why, men would cut away a body part that God had given little boys !
It's just sick in my opinion.

I believe Anastasia would not have her son circumcised......!?

Please support the end of body mutilations by ignorant madmen....who are the ones who began this heinous operation.

In trying to find out the origins of this horrible act I have come across too many ''theories''.

Suffice to say, that it began with men's erroneous and destructive and competitive thinking.

Too much damage happens for those poor babies and the true implications are only just begun to be realized.....

Maybe God knew what ''He" was doing in having that body part intact ! ??

Circumcision Decision

Circumcision is a painful and risky surgery that deprives over a million boys each year of healthy, functional tissue, while wasting health care dollars that could be spent on medically necessary
services. Check out the resources on this page, read the "Ten reasons
NOT to circumcise your baby" below, and learn why you should keep your
newborn son intact.

10 Reasons NOT to Circumcise Your Baby Boy

  1. Because there is no medical reason for "routine" circumcision of baby boys. No professional medical association in the United States or the rest of the world recommends routine neonatal circumcision. The American
    Medical Association calls it "non-therapeutic." At no time in its 75
    years has the American Academy of Pediatrics ever recommended infant
  2. Because the foreskin is not a birth defect. The foreskin is a normal, sensitive, functional part of the body. In infant boys, the foreskin is attached to the head of the penis (glans) and
    protects it from urine, feces, and irritation; it also protects the
    urinary opening, keeping contaminants from entering the sterile urinary
    tract. Throughout life, the foreskin keeps the glans moist and protects
    it from injury. The foreskin also has an important role in sexual
    pleasure, due to its specialized, erogenous nerve endings and its
    natural gliding and lubricating functions.
  3. Because you wouldn't circumcise your baby girl. In the United States, girls of all ages are protected by federal and state laws from genital surgery to which they do not consent, whether
    practiced in medical or non-medical settings, and regardless of the
    religious or cultural preferences of their parents. There is no ethical
    rationale for distinguishing between female and male genital
    alteration. If it is wrong to remove part of a baby girl's healthy
    genitals, then it is wrong to do the same to those of a baby boy.
  4. Because your baby does not want to be circumcised. Circumcision painfully and permanently alters a baby boy's genitals, removing healthy, protective, functional tissue from the penis and
    exposing the child to unnecessary pain and medical risks – all for no
    medical benefit. What do you think your baby boy would say if he could
    tell you? Of course, no baby boy can consent for himself, and parents
    cannot ethically consent to surgery on behalf of a child unless the
    child's health or life is at risk.
  5. Because removing part of a baby's penis is painful, risky and harmful. Babies are sensitive to pain, just like older children and adults. Many circumcisions in the United States are performed with no pain control
    at all. But even when pain control is employed, the analgesics used for
    circumcision can only decrease pain; they do not eliminate it. As with
    any surgery, complications – even including death – can and do occur
    with circumcision. Infection and abnormal bleeding are the most common
    complications. Other complications include removal of too much skin,
    loss of part or all of the penis, life-threatening infection, and
    urinary problems. All circumcisions result in the loss of the foreskin
    and its functions, and a penile scar.
  6. Because times and attitudes have changed. Today, nearly half of all baby boys in the United States leave the hospital intact. The circumcision rate in the U.S. was 56% in 2005 (and much
    lower in some parts of the country), down from 81% in 1981. More and
    more parents are choosing to keep their son intact.
  7. Because most medically advanced nations do not circumcise baby boys. People in Europe, Asia and Latin America are often appalled to hear that American doctors and hospitals routinely remove part of a boy's
    penis shortly after birth. Approximately 75% of the men in the world
    are not circumcised and remain intact throughout their lives.
  8. Because caring for and cleaning the foreskin is easy. A natural, intact penis requires no special care. Gently wash the genital area with warm water while bathing. That's it. Later, when the
    foreskin can be retracted (something that often does not occur until
    adolescence), a boy can be taught to pull back his foreskin to wash his
    penis. The boy should be the first person to retract his foreskin,
    since forcible retraction by anyone else results in pain and injury.
  9. Because circumcision does not prevent HIV or other diseases. Despite common misinformation, studies show no conclusive link between circumcision and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention. Over
    the years, the claims that circumcision prevents various diseases have
    repeatedly been proven to be exaggerated or outright fabrications. Most
    men in the United States are circumcised, but our STD rates are as high
    as or higher than those in countries where circumcision is rare; it is
    obvious that circumcision does not protect against STDs.
  10. Because children should be protected from permanent bodily alteration inflicted on them without their consent in the name of culture, religion, profit, or parental preference. Under
    accepted bioethical principles, parents can consent to surgery on
    behalf of a child only if it is necessary to protect that child's life
    or health. "Routine" circumcision fails this simple ethics test because
    it painfully and permanently removes a normal and healthy part of a
    boy's penis, does not protect the child’s life or health, and in fact
    creates new risks. Medically unnecessary surgery to alter a baby’s
    penis is no more justified than removing a finger or any other healthy
    body part.

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I have four sons, all of them are whole. Even at 21, when I had my first baby boy I knew this was wrong and I had a rule to go against anything that mainstream culture deemed normal without questioning why.. After carrying life in your womb, how can a mother accept this? Even against immense family pressure to conform, and so young, I said no.

I also refused routine immunization of my children, and so they remain whole and as creation made them.

People need to stop interferring with natures perfection and divine intelligence. Be natural, it's the safest way.

No Anastasia would not dream of circumcising her son.
I have 3 daughters and 1 son, all born in a very small, conservative town. The decision not to circumcise my son was upsetting to family members and friends, although none of them seemed to consider how it would affect him. It was baffeling to me- the idea of cutting away a part of my son's body....for what? I actually felt like I had to bargain for his wholeness because of the intense pressure/worry of him being "different". But the indoctrination and lack of self thought pushed since birth had many believing that our creator and potentially society would abandon he and me if this was allowed. Whew, the importance of tuning into self and spirit were of vital importance to me during those days. Blessed be!
We, too, decided to leave our son whole and intact. Really, there was no thought process around it. We knew circumcision was not an option for our dear son. We also have never put a single vaccine in to our children. They were born at home into A Space of Love. Our daughter Anaya was born with only my Beloved and our son present. The world is perfect and whole. When will we accept this and embrace the perfection of creation, of our bodies, of nature? Let us all continue to envision a world where our bodies are respected and Nature is revered as holy and perfect. Our presence is our present and is the key to global transformation. Seeds are being planted in beings all around the world, the consciousness IS raising!! May our love supply these beautiful seedlings with the nourishment they need to grow. And so it is!

Love, love, love, is ALL we need! <3






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