Ok, I read book 3, and it talked a lot about the foremother and information regarding breastfeeding, but it never said what the pertinent information was. Or did I miss something?



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I believe it is to focus only on your baby while breastfeeding and envisioning them healthy and happy and strong and powerful their whole life thru. I did this with my first daughter before reading the books. I sang a song to her about how incredible she is in every way. I did not focus on her all the time I was breastfeeding. I did not have that ability since she breastfed most of the time. My second child came along and I was tandem nursing. I read the books and I would meditate while breastfeeding inviting in the light of the universe and the knowledge of the Universe to be passed to my daughters thru the breast milk. There is much more information in book five and six about conceiving, birthing and raising children that I am sure you will love



Thanks Donanne for sharing your experience , that is so beautiful -inviting in  the light and knowledge of the universe to be passed to your daughters through the breastmilk. I am curious as to how long you continued breastfeeding and any views about "weaning" or continuing to feed beyond two ? I have heard recently that to continue until age four is optimal - however as my two year old is feeing quite often I would appreciate any advice


Thank you ,

Om Shanti

Sharon Catriona






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