STEINER EDUCATION - A bridging system for our children as we return to our Pristine Origins??

12 years ago we moved to Noosa so our boys could go to the Steiner School - this year, all four boys are there, from year one to 8. Their Dad, Carl works at the School 3 days of the week doing all sorts of jobs from maintenance to cooking with the children.. We love the school and it would be even more perfect if there was a kins domain community surrounding the school!

At School our boys knit, garden and cook and do the most wonderful drawings.. we cant imagine them at any other school. The rhythm and melody within their school days are the subtle and beautiful ways of being that are supporting our beautiful boys to feel whole, peaceful and content in the world.. while we extract ourselves completely from the mad world of society..

While many of us transition back to a home/nature based lifestyle inspired by The Ringing Cedars, where we create the opportunity for our new born children to be conceived in pure consciousness within a SPACE OF LOVE, and then to "Taste the Universe" amongst nature when they are so very small, so that they may know themselves as one with the intelligence of the entire universe, Steiner education embodies a returning to TRUTH that may help us along the way back to our pristine origins..

From our Schools Website:

Steiner Education focuses on providing meaningful support for children on their journey through the three major developmental phases of childhood - an education of willing, feeling and thinking. Teachers are dedicated to generating a genuine inner enthusiasm. Learning in our school takes many forms, and gives cognisance to changes in the child’s development in each of the seven-year phases. In the first phase to around seven years education occurs predominantly through imitation and physical activity. In the second seven years we work through stimulating the life of feeling particularly the imagination. In the final period of schooling we address the birth of their independent powers of thinking valuing intellectual development, judgement and a clarity in their independent beliefs.

As Rudolf Steiner expressed:

‘We shouldn’t ask, “What does a person need to know or be able to fit into the existing social order?” Instead we should ask: “What lives in each human being and what can be developed in him or her?” Only then will it be possible to direct the qualities of each emerging generation into the society. The society will become what young people as whole human beings make of existing social condition’.

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I just wanted to share with everyone this great article about play in Hunter/Gatherer societies:

People who live self-sufficiently, close to nature and who are connected to ancient wisdom understand that play is the MOST IMPORTANT THING in a child's life and that it will also lead to success later on in life.

CHILDREN need no curriculum !!
They KNOW how to learn and they need loved ones to JUST LET THEM DO THAT AND GET AT IT WITH THEM.

We need to learn from and with our little ones.

Steiner does not ALLOW PARENTS TO stay CONNECTED and pushes classes and time schedules on children whom absolutely don't need it. I am from Steiner in Paris and I also had DIVORCED PARENTS.

What children need is PARENTS WHOM UNDERSTAND LOVE AND COMMITMENTS INCLUDING FREEDOM OF LEARNING and Germany forbids unschooling. The law surrounding Steiner system or curriculum is from a war time in Europe. Military systems with hourly scedules and subject being dropped on children's head is not what our children need. Anastasia says about CHILDREN creating their own learning WITHOUT TEACHERS !!!!! Read Anastasia again. She says it is important to let children THINK. Be the SOURCE of their learning. They will strive when their parents SHARE leaning with them moment to moment. They will think together. They will learn while laughing at interesting IDEAS and creating music and dance together. After all RYTHM IS MATH.

but as we can read in the last book, the vedruss kids were learning so much things with the wise men coming around! I believe kids need some people, somewhere to help them learn new things that they like! other then the parents.. cause we cant teach them EVERYTHING..

there is so many good people other than ourself that they could learn from.. Im thinking, if it means they go to waldorf school even half the time, to learn music, etc etc thats great..


How children learn
(through play with loved ones)
I know this discussion is a little "old", but i wanted to add something anyway. Not all Waldorf schools are created equal. I live near St. Louis, Missouri, USA and the Waldorf school here was still struggling as of 2 or 3 years ago and may still be. Its been established for probably 15 years now, but they couldn't seem to get it together. My husband's little sister, who is almost 12 now, went there for I think 3 years. My husband became the after-care teacher at some point. He's great with kids and is a shining example of what it COULD be. Even so, at least one kid, who was 6 years old, was there 6 to 6 every day. Sometimes he called Beau (my man) Mom, Grandma, or even Uncle Bobby. His dad wasn't very present in his life, and it seemed his real mom and dad were those teaching the school.

My mother-in-law became the handwork teacher. She got a taste of the inner workings of the school that left a sour taste in her mouth, to say the least. It was unorganized and the adults had so much conflict amongst them that the children DEFINITELY felt the unease of the place. Her daughter wasn't exactly thrilled to be going day after day, if you feel me. There were constant fundraisers. The children were expected to sell different things (tulip bulbs, raffle tickets, candles, etc, etc, etc). They even sold their art at a silent auction! By the end of her year teaching, she new that neither she nor her daughter would be coming back.

She did visit the Waldorf school in Ann Arbor, Michigan while she was teaching. And she yearned for her daughter to be there instead. The point is: Don't judge a book by its cover, or a school by its "philosophy". As for me, its unschooling all the way. My hubby kind of likes the idea of a Waldorf school, but somewhere abroad. Frankly, we're not planning on going that far, and I want to be the one to raise my son anyway. After reading some of these comments, I am interested in reading some more on Steiner's philosophy. But, it won't be leading to a Waldorf homeschooling curriculum. I'm with Anne on that one.

All that said, I would certainly take it over public school or any other private school, if I "had to". Peace
Thanks Serene,

This chaos you describe can be true for any type of school, project, or organisation. it is a reflection of the state of humanity overall. Any co-creation depends entirely upon the purity of the intent or thought of those involved. sometimes even the best intentions cant overcome the conditioning of the system. But I applaud anyone who forges the path with good intentions.. these changes come over generations...

Sounds like the parents of these schools were struggling to keep the schools afloat, wanting the best for the children, but under stress and needing to raise funds to keep the school's alive.

That is understandable but what is not rational is that the public school curriculum is state funded and is so detrimental to children's well being whilst parents of steiner schools often need to self-fund the school they wish their child to be part of. This is all being addressed by people visioning and creating their kins domains, as we create a whole new paradigm of living, rather than trying to do "good" things inside a "bad" system. I see the Steiner system as a wonderful platform to draw on as we re-vision what children need growing up in an eco-village or kins domain. IT would be wonderful to reflect upon the similarities and differences between the Schetinin School and steiner schools, but it would take a knowledgable person with intimate understanding of both to make a fair comparison. You're right Serene, face value is never enough.

All my boys go to a wonderful steiner school here in Australia and although it too has has its challenges as people re-learn to work/live together in harmony, while still interacting with "the system", my children are growing up beautiful and free-spirited. I wanted something different to what I had as a child, to be surrounded by colour, magic, fairy-tales and creativity. Seasonal Festivals, the annual fair which is so fun and raises funds for the children, freedom to dress how they wish each day and fairy-like kin around them. They have all that, an amazing alternative to the dry, boring, reality of state school... and they have amazingly strong friendships with the children they have been with since pre-school and they feel part of a very strong community - even if it is only a "School" community.. This is the best thing for them because of what they need in their life's journey and their closeness to their Father. He is extremely devoted to their well-being and being ever-present in their life. He works at the school and they all go together each day. This is very comforting to children, though not as ideal as living in a kins domain. It takes a community to raise a child and thats true from an energetic perspective , it is very hard going home-schooling without support and like-minded kin around. it is too much energy to bear for most.

The more parents are involved in the school the more children feel part of a community. That is the essential feeling to instill - belongingness. it is easy to have the best intentions for your children, yet if the prevailing mentality surrounding is very mainstream, it will affect the children and it takes an extremely strong spirit in the parent to hold a space to avoid children feeling isolated from what they sense " out there". Their overall "feeling" complex as they grow up feeling the world is what is really going on aside from what they are learning. Do they feel good? are they happy and healthy? that is the main thing..

My boys play a lot of sport outside of school, because they are very healthy, energetic beings (can you imagine 4 boys full of energy inside four walls???) and and this is the best way to express their vitality in the culture they live in...

They were home-birthed in auspicious circumstances, but not in a space of love, and now they are growing up in a loving school community but not a kins domain.. This is the best that is available to them and they are doing very well. BUt mostly that is because they know how much they are loved, have spent a lot of time in nature to know their true essence and we have protected their beings from harmful ingestion of food, immunisations, media, toxins etc to avoid their spirits being corrupted.

I Write this in support of those parents who arent comfortable with or cant homeshool/unschool yet due to their circumstances and this thread is here to support those who are looking for an alternative to what the mainstream dishes up. please be careful to communicate from first hand experience and not here-say - we must always remember there are human beings involved in every circumstance doing the best they can with the awareness they have - all beings deserve love and respect and compassion. Judgement is easy from a distance, but understanding is gained through intimacy.

But all that said, when Noha and I have children , they will be conceived and born in their very own space of love and will be tasting the universe everyday here in the wilderness of our home.. We will not interfere in anyway with our conscious co-creation, we will simply protect and guide. Mostly we will be in blissful joy from contemplating the new being we have created and listening intently to hear and witness the wonderment of a child of the universe and what precious, unique gifts she has brought with her. Then we will unlearn all that remains within the residues of our own being as we witness a life that is one with all that is.

There is no magic formula for Everyone, there is only the path that resonates with each of us under the circumstances we find ourselves in at any given moment based on what we have created. love and kindness, compassion and understanding can shine in any circumstance - and this is what children need most of all.

The intelligence and consciousness is already there.
I am happy to see this discussion as well! We are unschooling our children however I love what waldorf education offers and we enjoy integrating their concepts in to our lives and daily regimes. I especially love how Waldorf Educations centers around the natural rhythms of the child-- as a parent it is so important to be in tune with our children's natural cycles of expansion and contraction. I also love how they are keen on only using natural toys, crayons, etc... it feels amazing to step out of the paradigm of needing tons of plastic toys and transitioning to having a few quality NATURAL wood toys that support creative play.

For those parents that are able to homeschool or are even just interested in supplementing their child's education if they do already go to school I highly recommend Oak Meadow. We just ordered their preschool curriculum and love it! We are first and foremost unschoolers but incorporating Waldorf philosophy in our way of life has been wonder-fully complimentary. We have found the Oak Meadow (Waldorf Inspired) Curriculum full of wonderful information and ideas.

Love to your hearts!" ;-)

nice! I am actually contemplating this possibility, to send my 2 kids in a waldorf school, here in quebec .. i was happy to read what you think about it and how your experience is..

thanks for sharing!






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