Somebody wrote to me asking about Vaccination. 

I am very much against Vaccination. Like the parents in this video I too had a terrifying experience with my first son after one vaccination.  He was born in a hospital . My other three sons were born at home and never went near a doctor or hospital for their births. The on going behaivour difference between my first son and the other three is significant.. he shows a predisposition to material culture, so much more than the other boys and has been a somewhat troubled kid at the same time being a tennis champion since he was 9. Although generally healthy, he was a horror child! doing the typical terrible two's etc..  none of my other boys did any of this stuff and were extremely different and less stressful to parent.   he is such a precious soul and I cried so hard when I read the books and understood fully why things had turned out this way..  

This is some of my story for your reference.


I was fortunate that our family doctor was a natropathic doctor - he advised me to wait an extra two months than what the doctors recommended for the first vaccination of our baby (so his immune system was stronger) and he also told me to give him vitamin c powder on my finger tip to suck before and after,  for the same reason.


Our son was very alert and bright and bubbly - we went for the immunisation and this dull unhealthy looking man started with a monologue of words (disclaimers I assume) that I barely could hear or understand as though it was just a routine mundane job, and I stopped him and said "excuse me - you are about to inject my child with something, I would like you to take care with your speech"   (I was 21!)


He shyly apologised and spoke more clearly .


After we took our son home and within a few hours , he changed colour, was lifeless and lost his spark of life.  It was frightening..  my instinct said to keep him well away from any more doctors and I held him with all my might and prayed him back to us.  it was too long ago now to remember exactly if I gave him anything.. he was about 4 months old. I cant imagine what would of happened if we had taken him at the suggested 8 weeks of age.  I never went back for more. 


My next three boys were all born at home with my beloved midwife , without scans, check ups or any intervention of any kind. We never had any problems with anything and they are super healthy kids, I have vigilantly protected them from intervention of any kind, chemicals, artifical foods, medicines etc.

The younger boys consciously know there brother is different and often "naughty" and they tell him "its because you were born in a hospital and those doctors got to you!"

I have treated them always myself with herbs and natural medicine except in the case of extreme emergencies , but then found hospitals quite useless anyway! 


Protect your children..    natures is way is the highest intelligence, the creator did not make flawed children that need man-made intervention.  its ridiculous, our future kin would be horrified that we allowed such things..    consider that there are many avenues in place to keep MAN dumbed down to his own power so he is compliant, vulnerable to the zoo mentality and not in his fullest power , so the cogs of the machine keep turning.   children are a precious gift, give them back to nature, dont hand them over to artificial inventions that may have sinister roots..  dont curse them with something at such a precious age that can never be reveresed..   

  In nature we can trust.  let them grow toward the sun in their pure and natural state..   


for the earth, for our children..




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A topic close to my own heart. I agree Billa, vaccinations are not necessary and cause all sorts of issues and Big Pharma makes billions our of them, so anyone who dares to say they do not work is immediately "shut down". There is also a scary comment by Bill Gates (who has poured billions into vaccine programs) that "the world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent." Soooo... vaccines and "health care" are good for lowering population. Hmmm.


Luckily there are still people out there that make the information on the vaccination farce available.  I highly recommend a book called "Raising a Vaccine Free Child" by Wendy Lydall ( as the best book I have every come across for parents who want to protect their children... and it tells us how to look after our kids if they do get the childhood diseases. This book is exceedingly well referenced and reasearched and will convert even the most pro-vaccine people.

Such an important topic...thank you for your story, sweet Billa.
Being someone who has never been vaccinated, I have very strong feelings on this subject.

As I fall asleep beneath the stars tonight and count my many blessings, here is yet another reason for my constant gratitude to my amazing parents...Finnpo, I love you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for my own birth experience...only deep feelings.

Keep our children pure...let them become the full potential of themselves...let them be their own intention.
We're flourishing anyway! So beautifully spoken! Thank you!!






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