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What is the Tawantinsuyu Eco-Temple?

The Tawantinsuyu Temple is an eco-cultural sanctuary for indigenous leaders to gather in spiritual practice and pass forth ancestral wisdom and traditional healing to all individuals of the present and future generations. 

Living Prophecy:

Historically, the “Tawantinsuyu” was the name of the Inka Empire, translating in Quechua as “the four united regions.” The center of this empire was located in the capitol city of Cusco, Peru. 

Ancient prophecy foretold the Tawantinsuyu will one day re-emerge with enlightened leaders that serve as models for world figures, governments, and individuals to co-exist in peace. 

The Tawantinsuyu Eco-Temple is one of four temples being built by indigenous allies of South America. One being this one here in Cusco, Peru with the Qero, the second is on Isla del Sol, Boliva with the Aymara, the third in Copacobana, Boliva with the Aymara; and the fourth is currently unknown. One may call this a true re-emersion of the Tawantinsuyu- led by indigenous wisdom keepers .

Without doubt, we accept the honor of upholding the full embodiment of this name and all the aspirations that it encompasses.

Why are we building an indigenous Temple?

It is currently illegal for indigenous communities to hold ceremony on their own ancestral sites here in Peru and Bolivia. Thus, we are building NEW SACRED SPACES. Ones that honor ancestral tradition, and empower indigenous practices to continue forth as viable and curative solutions to modern challenges.

It is our intention to utilize this temple to address modern socio-cultural challenges and reinforce connectedness of community on both a local and global scale.

The temple will serve as a rejuvenation center open for all people of the world to experience personal healing through ancestral tradition, native plants, healthy cuisine, and vibrant practices– that encourage us to walk back into the world as a radiant and empowered person.

This sustainable project is open to volunteers and interns as a means of imparting ecological skills, wisdom, and resources as to inspire further ecological planetary action.


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The Reviveolution Volunteer Program launches OCTOBER
 2014 in the town of Urubamba in the picturesque Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Join our family of volunteers! And make an impact on the global community while gaining invaluable experience abroad, immersed in the Sacred Valley’s beautiful landscape and its vibrant culture.

We are currently looking for a:

We’re looking for someone with experience in digital design and coding for web and WordPress (css and html). This includes basic knowledge of design for both web and print. You will assist in keeping the website fresh, up-to-date, and attractive. Ideally, you have your own laptop equipped with the necessary programs. .

We’re looking for a vibrant and social individual who enjoys face-to-face networking. You will establish and build relationships with relevant organizations and individuals in Peru. As the face-to-face representative of Reviveolution, you have the ability to clearly articulate the organization’s mission and initiatives. As part of the role, you will be expected to travel around the Cusco and Sacred Valley area, attending events, setting up meetings, and making new allies. This position may also include some occasional business errands, as well as frequent brainstorm meetings with the coordinator.

We’re looking for someone with a knack for social networking, online strategy and digital outreach. You will connect with global organizations and key individuals around the world to establish alliances with the Reviveolution and expand our network. You will also be responsible for maintaining and updating Reviveolution’s social media feeds, curating relevant content, detailing our
work initiatives, and relaying powerful messaging that inspires our network to join us in action. You will also monitor and track social media metrics to maximize reach.

We’re looking for a creative individual with experience and skill in writing copy across platforms. You will work in direct collaboration with the coordinator to articulate clear messaging and content for Reviveolution – outreach communication targeting key alliances, blog posts, newsletters, web content. 

We’re looking for an organized and responsible individual to run our online store of fair-trade indigenous hand-crafted goods. We would like you to keep our online items up to date, upload photos, make shipments, and handle payments. We are seeking to expand a Q’ero women’s art collective. As a means of fulfilling this mission, we would like you to evaluate measures for obtaining further online reach to international buyers, as well as identify creative means for expanding our women’s group and bridging Peruvian alliances. 


We’re looking for a skilled individual with knowledge of permaculture design and sustainable gardening methods. This individual should have a PDC, and preference given to those with some experience in landscaping/building. Is is necessary to be a self-motivated and directed person, as you will be responsible for heading the design and construction of an effective food and herb garden at our headquarters. We would like you to design a system which has high output and minimal maintenance. You will also be responsible to implement an optimal sustainable system for the entire house- from solutions of plastic use, to recycled water systems. You may also be assigned to design urban permaculture projects with the Q’ero community members living in the city of Cusco. Ideally, the designs and solutions you create in our domain, we will collectively share with the local community to create sustainable impact.





**If you feel you have a particular skill to offer (which is not listed above) you also have the opportunity to create your own position that is mutually agreed to highly benefit our organization and its initiatives. In this case, please fill out the online form and write a detailed description of what you care to add to the Reviveolution with your particular expertise and passions.**

*All positions work closely together and with the rest of the Reviveolution family in order to ensure a consistent and unified message.



  • 3-month minimum commitment (We give preference to those who can commit for a longer period of time)
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Must have your own laptop
  • You are responsible for your own flight and transportation to Urubamba, Peru (Detailed directions and transportation information from Cusco will be provided)
  • Flexibility and patience are of utmost important. Our volunteers need to be able to adapt to challenges with creativity and grace. Though the town of Urubamba is equipped with most modern conveniences and amenities, it is still a small rural setting with the benefits and challenges that accompany this type of environment.


  • Front line work-abroad experience promoting cultural revival and preservation in the Andes for a grassroots NGO
  • Regular interaction with the indigenous Q’ero people, with immersion into the vast richness of their culture
  • Development of professional and organizational skills
  • A relaxed work environment in a beautiful community-oriented setting
  • Personal growth and experiences that you will remember forever


We currently have two private rooms, and one shared room available with two beds. Price of program reflects the choice of room.

housepics_volunteerEXTRA DELIGHTS:

  • Weekly Spanish lessons
  • Weekly juices during our meetings
  • A personalized coca leaf reading offered by an indigenous shaman
  • A personal sound healing
  • A tranquil community house with a beautiful garden- which you may plant in
  • Information for tours, hikes, and sacred sites close by and plenty of time to explore



  • Fill out our online application form
  • Attach your resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in Reviveolution, your relevant skills, experience and interests, how you plan to add value to our NGO, and what personal goals you aim to fulfill in your time in Peru (not necessarily related to the NGO).
  • You will be contacted for an interview via Skype or Google Hangout after we have received your application.


$1,900 for 3-month program 

$950- deposit
$950- 4 weeks before program begins

*We are unable to offer refunds. All money is allotted to extend the work we do with the indigenous communities.

We appreciate your understanding. 

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Thinking of visiting Peru in 2015? 


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Peru – A rich country with poor environmental consciousness?

Peru was and still is a prime destination for adventurers. But people often forget that mining is everywhere. From the Amazon forest to the Andes the search for oil and gold keeps affecting peoples lives more than ever. The main issue in the news right now concerns a major gold mine extension in Cajamarca and the drilling for oil along the Rio Nanay upstream from the Amazon. In both cases people are protesting and several mobilizations are happening across the country in defense of water.

A race to zero future

Like other countries in South America, mining is a huge part of the peruvian economy. Peru is ranked #7 in the world for gold. Gross Domestic Product is rising but most people only see the down side of that growth. Most of the profit is made and kept by private companies. Leaving behind misery and no future. That said you feel like you want to go to bed. But wait, you are concerned, every person on this planet will suffer the repercussions of these destructions.


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We are extremely excited to be launching BSP peru here in the high rainforest of Lamas, Peru with our medicinal Earthly Herbatory and the construction of the Q´eros ecological temple of ancestral wisdom: Yachay Wasi, in Cusco, Peru!


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