Readily, your stance at a glance; an end to indifference. Is it the wind that your mind now feverantly follows? Drawing streams of acrobatic touch out and through your curved womanly tundra, casting the breeze against your skin. Your atmosphere like a deep forest, sun inlayed, sustaining pure image and pure scent.
Bound to bounty, new beauty ever springing forth from your transcending body, brings us to the life in you, dappled sunlight through the leafs like spring forever and the accompaniment of your moods. The music of your soul playing in tune, too the heights of festival, and too the sun's glistening rays come through.
The freedom of your soul gives happy thoughts, happy songs and joy for all of the days. Be a good joy to the world, and take up peace as a glistening ray! Eyes of brightness and dreams afire set order to the chosen day! A face that is ready for anything, and surrounded in infinite grace.
I am sorry to all women for any transgressions or afflictions of hate, but be together the best sister hood, and Goddeses born of all lifes array! May your dreams manifest in peacful harmony, and call your chosen love to stay!
At the point in the cross of the road, music is always let go!
To carry for us, the sending of the next day!-
Oh home at last I feel, oh so caught in the grips of something real!
Sunshine over, the butterfly, the river, and the lake!
Grasped as I am by this dream free to take!
... Now I am standing in line, just taking this time to gaze!
Because it is picture and time, and I feel we are the one’s who will take!
Quicker of thought, with all the feelings that Love brought! Anastasia; A sign of a simple birth divine, oh yes we will live on! Forever like dew, it is all the elements can do to speak their truth, oh so true!
And if my feelings are true, then I know you will keep them! Close to your heart, and wielding the dream that spins them!
In the space of love we may know them too, those elements! And please! To each family their own little piece of motherland!
And in for each marvelous goddess, a god’s splendid dream unfolding in its sheen! Close at hand, eternal, and forever after! From the stars will they return!

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Oh Russia! Even from early childhood I knew your healers of the hands, here at my birth place, could it be called my motherland? California with it's Sugar pine and Grey pine fair. But I also knew the kindest of people who's community was strong, they gardened, and they prayed for Jesus here. God goes up in the morning to lay our happiest thoughts clear. Could birth become our salvation, each new day, with God's perfect creations to bare? Lets learn and find out our purpose, born in each one of us, birth and life in the garden air fair. Where to sin? I wont let you in, as long as there is a motherland, there is something shining, something that helps us feel truth within. I have read books called the Ringing Cedars of Russia, and feelings of Love are alive. They come to each one of us, and help us keep true what is alive! I started to think, and now it wont leave, that to know God I must know what he wants, and why he has given each person everything! Adam as his son, Jesus is him, and the life they say, was the light of men. But then the cold came over the soul, and death tried to tear us away. Why are there so many unliving things around us, that make us panic, and drive us from here to there, and back again? To feel his light, he is here everyday, calling to us, asking for us to take a moment and to listen. In silence and in the birds, in his thoughts we saw flowers, the stars and the Earth. In woman, the whole universe, she reflects god's truest birth. Let there not be man born only of the flesh, because our children! They feel the truth, and want what is true and blessed! In all the cosmos, let our thoughts of love create here with everything new. Thoughts of creation, and the little piece of motherland our children would want too! We are saved by our gardens everyday, and by men who have tried to show us the way. Now there is a woman named Anastasia in these books I read, she lives in the forest, and she says that god's marvelous garden is here everyday! She talks about the motherland and how to give birth. How to cure diseases, and how the garden helps god's work. She has created a dream to try and combat darkness and sin. I heard angles voices when her images I read within. She says good things about Jesus and Summer people, and now I want to read the bible. Anastasia lives in the Siberian forest and sounds like she could have been one of his disciples! Now there are over 200 communities in Russia where people have been given their land. Thanks to these books they are creating their Kin's Domains which are gardens for their children, with God and his creations.







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