We recovered Olympus ( Symbolic language, story telling, poetry and the innerverse)

Hi hi! Ringing Cedars!

What cant be told with a story?

Symbolic language give us the possibility to share so many dimensions of experience, in one single word.

  • What creates the meaning you perceive in a story?
  • How would you decide to share the message of the story with your beloved ones?
  • Why would you decide to belief the story tells anything about yourself?

There is an ancient path to read stories, which is to be in the present of the innervserse, while reading a story, and realizing the resonance fields the story creates within you. I am telling you, you can read it 9 times, and will have 9 unique experiences!

May the innermost sound of the prime field of the force heart's core be with you!

We recovered Olympus!

I miss so much home… realm of divine-joy! Today is a day of glory! we recovered olympus!

Poetry by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  



There is one world i miss so much…. i call it home, the inner realm of my heart is well know, i live within since i am born…

but home, is the realm of the divine joy, that is free of this adventure on earth-ian world…

Isnt ascension just a not well paid job? …well … we never got payment for all that has been done!

I miss so much home… realm of divine-joy!

One day my sister told me: lets make from 3D a realm for the joy of the gods and goddesess within sacred source.

I said: What a play! isnt that a great idea? to bring the divine into the human world and underworld?

This world isnt done, it is just rebirthing…and some of us need to open the gates and burst the stars to unlock the doors….

gaia told me last week: breath, that we will let all unnecessary on multidimensional earth go…

Go where?… asked a little sparkle of blue light spinning next to me…

I say… go to where everything that is unnecessary goes… it dissolves into its own nature to appear again into another world… as a substance of love:

Pure love isnt all that is? (asked her) Yes, i said, it is all that is, free of judgement free of intention of change! just all that is… in a state of pure freedom! the pure birth of a new humanity will once again take place… as a dream ready for a new awakening.

while 1% of the known world will dissolve into the nectar of the godesses and gods in state of sacred union, the realm of divine joy!

Tell me sister… i asked… when can we travel back home?

She said… as soon as gaia sparkle its core as a new sun-star, and bring us to the quantum-realm of the divine -joy!

That day, i was sitting next to that little blue sparkle, who was dancing with me again, and told me… you know: gaia shifted into a star eaons of time ago… we are just falling into remembrance…

I said: time is in that way…once here, once there… future and past are the same…there is no difference…now we are there and here…

I remember the day i came back to this world, after a travel through the stars, when my new body turned into a human form… that day…after sparkling the sweat bolt in the heart of my divine flesh-and-bones… the stones made of my body vibrated into a pure love and my body said… isnt that wonderful what we are made of?

I said yes… in your true nature, you are just pure love! now…we will know the nature of the mind, emotions, intelect and senses of humanity…. we will know the illusion that creates suffering and the illussion that creates illusion… and the illussion of existance of suffering…

Then my body could not answer those realities where unknown… even today my body still dont know… my body is so pure and naiv… unable to learn what doesnt exist…

But there is something by body enjoys… which is to make love with a divine-sparkle… isnt that like heaven?

My sister always say that everything that is, have been already, within our hearts!

I say that once in a while some humans turn their vision into their hearts and realize they have been here already…in a sparkle of time…sometimes, humans fall in love and realize they met their divine source.

I asked the little blue sparkle: Would you ever meet your divine source! and she was shinning and sparkling…and said: yes… all that is have been here within in union with own source already!

I breath again, as gaia told, me and the stars appear one more time on heaven…this time a blue golden grid appears in fornt of me..is the cosmic grid, created by pure love!

This, is the day in which i fall in remembrance… and recall the truth of my heart, traveling among earth-ian shift of ages… knowing i have seen the future, the past and all the possible outcomes… i have been every where in all times and pathways… i walked them all and made them all possible.

Now the little sparkle of time asks me: then why you worry?

I said: i do not worry, i just act the role this time line gave to play! the script say: worry abit! and i really try to follow it as is said…

In the ancient greek, we played and learned, as gods, and goddesses, in the sacred schools, the divine teather… and performed in front of humans and beasts, who were unable to realize,… the gods and goddesses did play a play…

Who are you today: asked the little blue sparkle?

I answer: the same, the one, i am my own source!

Then we danced and my sister laugh! the gate openned and we entered, leaving the human realm for another eon!

This was the end of our trails and adventures, plays and quests… a new mythology will be written and the human world and human underworld, will know with certainty… the gods and goddesses in saccred union are back to life…

It is actually, this one, already the : another world!

We recovered Olympus!

Today is a day of glory!

And i feel my self dwelling in the innermost center of my heart, the divine realm of joy!


copyright by L D Maldonado Fonken


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