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This is a place where the strings of the heart manifest themselves through sounds we call words. Let us share our heart felt inspirations in poetic form, creating feelings and images that inspires one to Joy, Love, Co-creation, and Beauty.

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The original bards were from the Iron Age. Poets-mystics who kept the lore and history of their tribes, held high status and fulfilled an important cultural role.

They were closely akin to the Druids and many believe that when occupying Romans destroyed, or drove the Druids underground, their knowledge and rites were passed on to the Bardic Order

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Comment by Radomir O' Hanok on May 30, 2009 at 11:29am
Pure Love
I asked the Father today, where is Love?
Why has it gave sway. Is it lost or faded away?
Love is still here, in your beloved's eye's, it calls out to the mature the humble and wise.
Woman is love incarnate indeed but has been caged, tortured, beaten and seized. Men gave sway to hide pure love in woman today. Flesh desire has blinded their eye's causing Pure Love receed. In the begining it was not so, Lusts energy had no place to go, for truth was strong back then, both with women and with men.
So where now is Loves Glow, where is God man to make it show. What is he so shameful of, when all she has for him is love.
O' man hear and let wisdom ring, truth to soul this poem sing.
Man who wishes to see pure Love must understand Loves heart and soul.
Love is circular you see, making rounds through you and me. When his Love is completely given, no strings attached it comes again fervour unmatched. In it's circle it grows and expands being, heart and soul.
Transferred with even touching of hands, Pure loves goal is greater and grand than just pleasing the pleasure of man.
Pure love's desire is wholly and true to Co-Create with Father anew. In this Grand Rite of Love, Self-less-ness is seen by Universe and Heaven above. In this pure and circular deed, Healing to mother is given in seed. New birth is Pure Loves gift to man Created by Father and delivered by Hand. He gives new love from parents thought, It was this love to them He brought. Now put into Spirits form, New Love to them will soon be born.
Comment by Liubomila on May 30, 2009 at 6:49am
Her Love

O' so sweet the fragrance of pure love,
Like cedar chips damp from a spring rain.
Transported by air and water to the hearts of men,
Who trample the Mother with indifferent disdain.

O' to feel the power of a woman, of her pure love,
To be touched by it once, and become lifted.
It makes the Light dance and the darkness brighter,
This grand love, to woman, the Creator has gifted.

Much can be said of the love of a woman,
Speechless becomes he as the Father speaks through her.
For it is through her love that He can be felt and heard,
O' sons. Sons! Allow her pure love to set your heart astir.

It is her purpose, He designed her so,
To love without limit, unstoppable, tireless is her aim.
Sacred is her pure love, O' men, can you not see how this feels?
She can make love with her gaze, your flesh she can tame.

Pure love has its abode in every woman,
When will the men ask, "Show me this love so pure."
And she will respond, "Ah, thank you love...He has been waiting,
For His sons to know what only her heart can cure."

Comment by Radomir O' Hanok on May 29, 2009 at 2:05pm
Created from the begining of Earth, when time and Space had given birth. I was seed instructed and planned to grow in Earth to feed a man. He planted me after sitting in tounge, his chemistry and I became one. Then planted with love in toe dug hole, for His nourishment I was to grow. To heal his body from any disease and make blessing to Creator upon his knees. To Creators son was I given this task, now lay I in the Mother at last.
So now I grow my Spirit is strong to join others growing in this throng. As my head breaks through at last, I see the Sun and pleaonaste grow to heal his body and his soul. This is my given destiny to love the Creator and His seed.
Comment by Billa on May 28, 2009 at 4:05pm
The Sun comes up
The sun goes down
The Earth keeps spinning round and round.

I love you and you love me
and thats how simple life can be.
Comment by Liubomila on May 28, 2009 at 1:35pm
Co-Creation's Bed

She walked to a spot of patchy grass,
Surrounded by blue and white little flowers.
"What a beautiful bed this makes." she thought.
This place surely holds magnificent powers.

With loving hands she caressed Mother's green,
And lay herself down in between,
The Mother below and the Father above,
Her womb radiating the warmth of Yahuah’s love.

He came upon his beloved, all aglow on this bed,
"O' Father," he said, "who is this goddess I have wed?"
He knelt down beside her, her eyes took him in,
His heart beat wildly, his head gave a spin.

She took his hand and placed his body with hers,
Her breath upon his lips streaked a warmth to his every being.
The Heaven's sang, their Space came to a hush,
For all the Universe was watching and seeing.

Man will never know to where they were taken,
For in their wake there was only Love unforsaken.
As they watched the sun rise, its glow seemed anew,
Kissing her below her navel his seed greets the morning hue.

The lovers' eyes met once again,
No words can express what they felt that day.
And as their love continues into eternity,
Co-creation's bed awaits the birthing of Love's Ray.


* * *

Mother upon mother lay breathing there, both naked and beautiful clothed in Father’s fare. Both life giving when given seed and flowing with thought for loving deed. I now come to my beloved laying there, her hair flowing without a care. Come to me her hand she raised, I paused a moment her eyes to gaze. My wife, my bride, my eternal love, Joy we will bring from Heaven above. We consider and pause in prayerful mind and entertain Co-creation with her in mind. Father bless us as together we lay and the five of us made love that day. Two fathers and mothers and our little one. Two humans and our little one. The energies of the Universe smiled that day as intertwined together we lay. No lust or pride or greed, this was all a loving deed. Purity, harmony was born that day and in 9 months there our Joy lay. Her beauty was unequaled
by any living soul for she was a reward for new dawn unfold. Her life will be eternally bound by our love, our light from all around. For here in our Space of Love we'll stay till other worlds we explore one day. Hear us O' Universe and grant our plea, give us this Joy eternally. We lay there bodies in love, our Spirits soar with Father above. Our bodies remain with Mother dear but we
are living no longer here. Traveling through-out our grand design we Co-create anew with Father divine. How beautiful you are, my love, lets fly and soar to stars above. Our love is old and eternal it's true but every moment it seems new, for fresh thoughts from the divine fill this love without space or time. How I love you my dear wife, what Joy and wonder you've given me in this life.

Comment by Liubomila on May 28, 2009 at 1:06pm
Love's Touch

I want to dance with you under a soft summer's rain,
To make love upon living sheets of grassy greens,
With bare feet go on a midnight moonlit stroll,
Rise with the dawn and take in nature's romantic scenes.

I want to feel Mother's heart beat through yours,
Kiss the wind as we stand naked on our Space,
Bathe in living waters replenished by the Father's,
Joyful tears as they stream from His face.

I want to feel her stirring inside my womb,
Blessed girl of olive skin and hair of auburn brown,
Hand in hand we return to Him, O' Father Grand,
Our Joy's touch spreading light as Mans' sins drown.

I want to sleep as I dream in your arms,
Of heaven just outside of our kin's door,
And as eternity mimics the sun,
Life's sprout sleeps within me once more.


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