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This is a place where the strings of the heart manifest themselves through sounds we call words. Let us share our heart felt inspirations in poetic form, creating feelings and images that inspires one to Joy, Love, Co-creation, and Beauty.

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The original bards were from the Iron Age. Poets-mystics who kept the lore and history of their tribes, held high status and fulfilled an important cultural role.

They were closely akin to the Druids and many believe that when occupying Romans destroyed, or drove the Druids underground, their knowledge and rites were passed on to the Bardic Order

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Comment by Liubomila on June 30, 2011 at 6:37am

The New Man


He sits on a mountaintop and watches the stars as they glisten,

And he lends an ear to listen,

For these bright beauties surely play a cosmic melody,

Evident in the beating of their light’s parity.

And he wonders what will be new, what stays the same,

And if all is fair in love and war then why play the game?

But within him is a fire, controlled and fervent,

A warmth of soul resplendent in its ardor,

A peace, a bard, a gracious humble servant,

A Man, a son, a soul in flesh’s splendor.

His destiny unfolds its magnificent petals,

And he takes his journey in wild surrender,

A trust within claims him, honoring his path,

And a new Man emerges as Gaia waxes tender.



Comment by Marija on May 27, 2011 at 7:56pm

I wrote this to a friend as an inspiration form the book.

I want to speak about who i think God, Creator,Universal mind, Great spirit means to me. A truth that resonates in my being of who we are.......
Deep down we are all beautiful beings who shine God's light. The Human Spirit is the rod that connects us to Creator. The soul being a vibrational energy particle that is of Creator. The soul/spirit being the mind of your true self and not the brain.
I will speak of the universal mind in human lay terms because it is what people relate to most. I’m hoping this is the way you can understand it even though it is my truth from what resonates in my being.
There is a reason people tried to record what the universal mind is in most ancient texts. That to this day were changed, chopped and distorted throughout history like all folk tales, and history passed from generation to generation out of impure thought.Their wisdom that connects with the human mind is the spirit which dwells in all humans, known as the soul which is a particle of Creator. Through wisdom they tried to describe God. The universal particle known as the human spirit connected to the universal mind known as God.
The polarity of good is evil and is born of darkness trying to copy God’s creation. They bore themselves out of impure thought and sought to shut down the human spirit connected to the universal mind. In lay terms they give of the negative energy of evil,destruction, jealousy, anger etc, etc.
The bible and other ancient texts is like a blue print for understanding universal mind known as God. I can only describe all human spirit the best way i know can. The figurative of Jesus was to show man who they truly are.
Logic can confirm light and dark, positive and negative,ying and yang, peace and chaos through the balance of our nature and emotions. There is no confusion in the Spirit only confusion in human understanding. Anyone can access their connection to the wisdom of universal mind(God) through allowing the heart to open in prayer or meditation if they have the will to do so.
You are capable of accessing wisdom and taking in what you need to co-create with God your magnificence on this earth to go beyond to advancing and creating through pure thought, in an ever expanding universe to the ever knowing omniverse. This is only what your spirit gets to see when passing from the earth, only to be reborn till its discovered what you were actually here to do.
When you connect to spirit you have a knowing and words are just words to confuse. Your spirit knows when it connects to universal mind. I know not to go against the one who thought me into existence for he created me and in lay terms he is my Father(but we do because we keep feeding the beast).To rebel is to rebel for the wrong reasons and cater to the consciousness of the dark mind that seeks to destroy human spirit, universal mind. Only to know that in all that vanity it will go back to where it came to the darkness of nothing. The human spirit when it knows this and connects to the universal mind it stops feeding the beast of illusion.
When you know the Spirit you will know we are all brothers and sisters in Spirit because it's a part of Creator. Darkness seeks to destroy and shut down the human spirit to feed the beast of our illusion. Taking in it's destructive negative influence and relying on it's system of falsehood.
Contemplate this and you will know in your heart when we all connect our spirits to our universal parent, we are one. In the grand scheme of things God is Love and he loves us all because we are his creation and gave us exactly the same gifts as he to create. God is that he is and the best way to describe it is Love.
Your body is an organism, just like the earth that partakes of the earth and is of the earth, but your particle(vibration, energy, spirit) is of the universal mind. Most modern mechanisms shaping our future around you was thought into existence from darkness. It will never be known to be true happiness and love when you understand who's hands you eat out of. Restore and eat of the earth as it was meant for you to connect with creator and the celestial bodies trying to show you the way.
In the beginning was perfect we turned our backs on it from impure thought. We then sought to destroy, bringing ourselves to our own demise. But we also have the ability to change and save ourselves from destruction. As destruction is impure thought. When all human spirit connects to creator and physically make things happen from pure thought, as he wanted us to do from the beginning. He wont meddle with our free will till we fully become conscious of him, this is what ascension means.
We weren't meant to be controlled by the masters of darkness, we were meant to be free to co-create as in Creators image of who we are. Connecting to his intelligence so that we too can partake of him, rejoice in him.
As children of the universal mind you are special, your true self is beautiful, your thoughts expanding and creating in a physical world. Let the beast flee(this is why it is mentioned to let go of negativity & fear) and your eyes will be opened to who you are.
Science has not debunked intelligence or a universal mind theory, that helped the universe come into existence. The ancients said it in one way and science is trying to discover the meaning of the universe from a realist point of view. But both lead to the meaning that we are governed by natural laws and a universal mind that came into existence. It is sometthing we try to deny but cannot be denied as the evidence is still open.
I try not allow negative influence and thought forms to encroach me because i do not want to partake in anything that seeks to shut my spirit down and connection to God. I go within to connect to intelligence of the universe. Because we all can(meditate, go within). I do however make mistakes and ignore my spirit from time to time because i get caught up in realistic attitudes like everyone else.I speak my mind, because i feel free to do so and im not afraid of it because it does not agree with the few. I do not like judging anyone as i'am no better then they are and im not going to seek to become complacent because i dont fit in. I'm speaking from within and everyone can. When i speak spiritually is from the heart, but the world is still impure and im not perfect.
It took me more then 20 years and a near death experience to understand God and why i'am here and im not afraid to speak who he is. I very much Love Creator and he loves us all. Judge me but your only judging yourself in the end.

Steps Towards Solving the Mystery of Consciousness (scientific point of view)

The dark masters ruling this world are making mistakes and its revealing itself. They do so many mistakes that indeed its in vain what they are doing and so it backfires always has.
If you open your eyes and see Creator does not make mistakes you will see that everything balances itself out.
From evil thoughts the destructive technology that seeks to destroy the world is and will be in vain. There is nothing that Creator has not already thought of when he created his thoughts into existence. For everything that is destroyed on earth there is counterbalance. Man can destroy themselves but thats because of man's mistakes and freewill. In it all you will see God made things in goodness and unison. He just needs us to come back to him and co-create what humans turned their backs on(Paradise).
All humans are created equal, nothing that came from pure thought is a mistake. Humans need stop inflicting pain on themselves because we all deserve to be here on this beautiful planet. The beautiful mechanism of the body that works in unison, is how the whole works in unison. Things that depict human ugliness come from impure thought. Humans need to discern this and stop hating themselves. Look toward the future and co-create from love, joy and positive attitude. You yourself were given a mind to create and a beautiful body to bring it into existence. Its not just on a canvas you were given the physicality of your body to bring it forth.
When man stop feeding the dark masters as a collective, then we can co-create in unity and peace. Man is capable of restoring the earth with his spiritual mind and physical body. Just need to collectively stop feeding the beast of your imagination. Every soul is special when you see that each soul can bring sometthing to earth to bring about a magnificence of co-creation. Not one soul is more superior then the other as everyone's spirit is connected to source. When you realise this you are free.
Marija xox

The Holy grail is the Light of God(Spirit) within your body temple. You shine God's Light and are apart of him!

Comment by Marija on May 27, 2011 at 7:27pm

This is a quote i just read about Children

"Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again  And what do we teach our children? We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France. When will we also teach them what they are?
We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move.

You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel?

You must work, we must all work, to make the world worthy of its children."

Pablo Casals (1876-1973)
Spanish Cellist
Comment by Aja on May 20, 2011 at 9:49pm

Letting go of falsity

Opening into clarity...

Childlike a man must be

to realize the glory that is he.

Comment by Liubomila on April 23, 2011 at 12:13am

Divine Love


I know of human love,

And its heart-wrenching tears,

Of passions so fervent,

And of lust erasing years.

I know of its jealousy,

Its control and its pride,

How it aims to keep it all,

With thine ego at its side.

I have dwelt in its anger,

Bathed in its shame,

Cursed its existence,

Have lost in its game.




I know of Divine Love,

Of its limitless awe,

A power none ominous,

Precious gift bare and raw.

I know its perfection,

Implicit trust in its Name,

How I harbor its domain,

Ever present, lacking blame.

Gentle creature, pure spirit,

Its Light I have shared,

So profound is its touch,

Even fear gets scared.




Human love is my nature,

Its Divine sister my aim,

And as I bull's-eye this Love,

ALL win in this game.



Comment by Liubomila on April 10, 2011 at 12:39am

To all the men of this I love thee!

The Beauty of the Heart

 Silence surrounds me and there she is,


I take her by the hand and she smiles,

And I wonder,

“Were you here all along?”

And she smiles, and I know,

Her Love never left me,

I simply fell asleep to it,

Burrowed in my bosom is her heart,

The one I have destroyed countless times,

Still she smiles and loves me,

And I cry.  Rivers upon rivers I cry.

The beauty is all around me,

As it always was, it too never left me,

In this silent beauty I can hear the Good,

I awaken to Man and know,



There is beauty in my heart too,

Now I smile, she lets go of my hand,

Her heart I return, yet she stays with me,

“Ah.” my heart gently speaks.

You knew, you always knew,

You knew…

Love is no deserter,

No oppressor,

No destroyer,

Only, always, eternally there.

Such is the beauty of the heart.



Comment by Liubomila on March 31, 2011 at 12:22am

Aspire to Love


“Thank you daughters and sons for your aspirations.” He said.

These words still today whirl and whirl around my head.

And what is it truly that I aspire to?

Happiness, no doubt.  Is it not my due?

Yet in this chasing of illusions so real,

I find my very own Achilles’ heel.

But all is penetrable, especially the heart,

It is where the Mind breathes, where Love gives a start.

To feel the love of another, is Good, this is true,

Feeling loved by no other, just by and for you,

Is the ultimate creation, inspiration, proclamation,

That I Am His likeness, His One declaration,

Of Love Itself…for me, for you, for all without exception.

I Love You!  Do you hear me?  I Love You!

Unconditional, irrevocable, demonstrate-able, You!



Comment by Desmond Nicoli on January 22, 2011 at 6:56am

Angels of grace and of a heavely place, hear my call and make this place as beautiful as a kins domain. fill my heart with lifes abundance. making me wealthy with a thought of trust. fulfilly my suply for every day god with your beautiful ray. may i say that i wish to stay in our divine presence this moment and every day. the grace of a thousand lighting bolts strike my way. the beauty of your connection to all of life is like the pleasure of a thousand suns. god you are fun. full of love and honey. knowing that relationships between men and women as so important. the greatest love and tenderness i seek. fulfill me with all the quality time the world can offer. allow me to have the full pleasure of earth like my dear friend anastasia. fulfill the glorious dream of hers. make the image and the thoughts connect with the reality with the world. may the manifestations of her thoughts be more and more atuned to your needs father. allow her to be our leader our sister. and to bring forth a community in which. the heavely earth is so fruitful we will fill up with feelings of desire for your heart and each others. to such a degree that we know that we have started to express the emotions you father want us to feel. father may we be happy. and enjoy every day as a innocent new adventure. fill us with the majesty of beauty and community. and as anastasia has seen such a harmonious vision for the tekos school. allow for us to find the mastery of such thoughts and iply them into our own cities and communities so that every day is more and more harmonious. even though we live in such a scattered world allow us to refine our thougths and find clear purposes and to learn and feel the love that allows us to acheive such wonderus goals... love and so be it.



Comment by Desmond Nicoli on January 22, 2011 at 4:31am

A vision of Community,


Dear god of all unity. i wish to see the way that anastasia writes stories and to use the words to create a harmonic vision of the greatest good that god desires for my neighbourhood.


The battle of visions the fighting of thoughts. the manipuation of leaders. the stories that never end. the unhealthy sight of a story impossed and beleived to be reality.


The vision i shatter. the leaders i rock. i am a cheif a man who can talk. i take my words on a walk to gain strenght. i have the support of nature and humanity. there is a great power within me. not to be eatin up with all the eruptions of destruction. but to regrow like a purging releasing river of grow and harmony. there are people using there thoughts to create a destructive and inforced false reality. and to use stroies to embrace a reality. of stories. i reject these stories rebeliously. and i set my goals, purposes and aspirations of my heart on the highest good. which is to live in a kins domain in a friends community. as for know i have short term goals. to recreate a vision for the niehgbourhood i live in. as i am the purest of thought the kindest of heart and the master of most subjects. very intelligent, smart and clever i am. and for all that i am. i forgive and desire to see my nighbours in a good story. a story that is healthy and full of great drama and charcters. having fun and entertaining each other as if though in the greatest stage of life. and for the higher level of reality the relationships. i wish to see the relationships not as the unharmoious and power struggle that it is. but to have a realtionship based on a common goal of maybe eventually getting to a friends community or village. and if this vision and heart felt idea is rejected. i wish to create a image and story to just make the best of the place that i am in so that there maybe the highest good done here and know. i wish very much for my vision to be my communities goal. though there is so much struggle for surival that it is hard to get past the fights for what people desire for the community. i personally. know that this is not my goals and i share little goals in common with these people around me for i have aligned my goals and purposes with anastasia. so i choose to follow my choosen leader not be unhumbled by these unrelaistic battles for supperiority and authority.

As for my neighbours. i wish to see them spending more time with friends. i wish to see a garden in every ones lots and them eating healthy and transforming there lives with good food. i wish to see them dealing with poor realtionships and reconnecting with the important people or new ones that give them life giving energy and love. they must find people that love them. i wish to see that they read and understand anastasias blessing and jeshua christs blessings. i wish them to be healthy physically and mentally. watching and learning new and beautiful things. i wish to see them takign care of there chidren in wonderful and beautiful ways. giving them all that life has to offer and respecting them as much as anastasia respects her children. i wish to see them getting better with there finaces spending money on whats important to building consicousness and faith. and to realize what truth is and what is truly life giving and not to waste any money. but spend it very wisely. i wish that the people would be able to forgive one another. i wish the people would support one another in there personal goals purposes and aspirations. i wish that i do not have to eat up any more of there bad energy and they start taking responisblity of rthere lives. because it took about 85% of my energy to help them. and i am not like anastasia i cannot take so much that i am totally wiped out and i do not have nearly the resources to help in this way. so i hope that they find ways to help themselves and are able to pray for each other. and folow there intution of how to help and who to share there stores and life with. i wish that all my energy that has been spent. shows up in some remarkable love

Comment by Lisa Marie Smith on December 21, 2010 at 11:38pm



I absolutely love your poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Love and Light my Friend.

Lisa Marie


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