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Where do you live now?
In what ways do you feel called to Regenerate our Earth?
It has inspired me like no other reading.
What is your Intention for Joining our global Community?
I would like to share my inspiration and read other's inspirations, in order to start acting. Ultimately I would like to join a Anastasia inspired community.
Tell us about your Gifts,Skills, Abilities, Passions...
Physical activity, Nature, and in this world, Computer Science...
Where on Earth are you inspired to Live and Regenerate the Earth?
Perhaps in Australia, most likely in Brazil
I join with the sincere intention of making a positive contribution to this space and its members in kindness and loving service. I agree to read and comply with the codes of conduct of this space (found on this site)

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At 6:34pm on June 9, 2010, christopher watt said…
hi michel nice to be part of the movment of like minded catch up some time
At 7:34pm on December 7, 2009, chris said…
Hi Michel,

The second was part of the first but it was all too long to go into one, I did not realize it would not fit.

50 dachwafloveks ($1,000,000) may buy land (500 or more acres of cleared farm land) enough for a village of 100 to 150 kins domains. That's $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 left over for village vitals to get the village up and running quickly.
At 10:26am on November 27, 2009, chris said…
One way of looking at the effect of transmuting $AU20,000 into a dachwaflovek is that one recieves at least $AU40,000 in value as a kick start into the possibility of not needing to participate in the slave/slave driver world anymore. Ones one hectare kins domain land with laneways around plus the village vitals paid for by dachwafloveks over and above the land purchase price.
So from the outset a domain of kin may have their living fence paid for, lake/ponds dug paid for, ulternative power source paid for, composting toilets paid for, seeds and nursaries paid for etc, allowing for the possibility if one chooses to entirely immerse themselves in a ringing cedars kins oases reality - making the transitional steps still of course but without money (extreme maybe, but never the less the possibility is open). Other wise all the possibilities of other transitions which involve still participating in the slave/slave driver world.
At 10:26am on November 27, 2009, chris said…
Hi Michel,

Thanks for your encouragement!

I/we entered a journey which I call 'finding Home on Earth'. In a way this means to do what ever it takes. I and we and also our relationship, Radha's and mine are tried and tested, which calls for I/us to stay strong and hold fast.

My/our journey of 'finding Home on Earth' began inspired by Anastasia and the RC series. I/we have opened a space for ringing cedar kin to also find their Home on Earth.

The books themselves do the deep healing work in preparation before entering our space held. I don't mean to sound exclusive or high, rather it seems a necessary process to break free of the matrix - the books first! And then Radha and I have a space open if one chooses. We on the other hand also need our village kin participating, to realize our kins oases, where at some point we may declare our Home on Earth found.

It is not until book 8.1 where you come across Demon Cratius and the creation of money and the single point in time where Man became slave/slave driver embodied in one, working for the slave owner which is the technocratic world.

The transmutation of money is a way to 'take back our motherland'. The power is with us through this space open. I and we, enough of us to purchase a large enough property/station, first come to a common point and say, 'enough!' of participating in this slave/slave driver world, at $AU20,000 I am out. This power we give to each other by the transmutation of our $AU20,000 together allows each of us the possibility to not need to participate in the slave/slave driver world any more if one chooses

The dachwafloveks and the KinsOases CommUnity Foundation work together and open this possibility. Our part is to participate together and be open to the entire possibility of our Home on Earth!
At 3:46am on November 22, 2009, Listen said…
I can relate with how you feel about being a product of modern society, and how that keeps you from really experiencing all of the joys of fatherhood, sorry if those were not your exact words. I support and encourage you to keep dreaming with your wife and to be poor rather than stay in Babylon.
I have made the big step and moved to Oregon from FL in June, I am finally getting to know people and TODAY!!!!! I am finally moving into a community of my dreams, They have been going for 40 years and are still growing a huge amount of food!!! I ate dinner there last night and it was simply wonderful!!!
There is also a community starting that is not too far away, a couple of hours, that is based on Anastasia's dream. You can find out more about it at anastasiasgarden.com.

If there is anyway I can help support you and your family getting more time together and moving into a community, or your own Space of Love, please let me know.

One thing that I really want to start working on this winter is legislation to start making it possible for families to receive Family Domain's from the govt.
In fact I have already written a letter to Michelle Obama, and thank God, writing this is reminding me to send it off to her. I will post the letter on my page right now! I Love how connecting with others helps remind me of what I really want to be doing with my time!
Flow In Compassion
~Brighten The Path
At 9:27pm on November 17, 2009, chris said…
Hi Michel,

The community project as you say has never stopped in it's momentum or dedication for its complete success, We are here in Coonabarabran working towards Ringing Cedars kins village/s We have co created a new currency called dachwafloveks which represent your one hectare kins domain and they are held in suspension if you like in a foundation, which amazingly has the capability of solving red tape issues once and after land is purchased. This frees us to act as Man right off and get on with our one hectare kins domains etc.

Here are more details of the foundation and dachwafloveks:
At 8:23pm on November 17, 2009, Kate Wright said…
Bonjour, so nice to catch up online. Last week was so lovely. Your children are so gorgeous and so is Paula (is that her name, is she on here too? Say hi to them for me) Your family is so fortunate to feel the same dream and journey. I just watched a you tube video on David Wilcock '2012 See this to believe' about torsion fields and events leading up to 2012, he doesnt mention Anastasia but her ray is a torsion field. talk to you soon. Ciao
At 2:29pm on November 17, 2009, Listen said…
I Love your picture!!! So inspirationally beautiful!!! Thanks for showing how great it can be to be a dad!
Flow In Compassion
~Brighten The Path
At 9:12am on November 17, 2009, Radomir O' Hanok said…
Oh, mon Dieu, je vais arranger ça maintenant. Je ne connais qu'un couple qui est sur cette voie qui ne se prend pas dès maintenant. Elles sont belles âmes qui vivent à Eugene, en Oregon. Ils sont millionnaires et ont un bel espace de l'amour mis en place. Tous les hors réseau. Ils sont en fait la sœur de ma femme. Ils ont 53 acres il ya dans le pays juste à côté d'une montagne et un petit ruisseau qui coule de la montagne. Il est beau là-bas. Quoi qu'il en soit, je dois y aller. Parlez-en à plus tard.
At 8:13am on November 17, 2009, Radomir O' Hanok said…
Salut je n'ai aucune idée de ce que cela, Michel signifié. LOL
Comment vont les choses Dans votre coin de pays? Ma femme et moi sommes toujours en attente pour commencer à construire notre espace de l'amour. Mais nous avons bon espoir de commencer la construction avant la fin de l'année.





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