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Profile Information

Which of the following experiences transformed your life or world view?
homebirth, homeschool, Horticulture or agriculture training, 100% raw food diet for more than 2 months, lived off grid, homesteading, plant medicine journey, other, barefooting, Ringing Cedars Series
Where do you live now?
Central Texas
In what ways do you feel called to Regenerate our Earth?
Much emotional catharsis and confirmation of many things I have intuitively known but had no real confirmation of. Truly inspirational, still processing the powerful content of the series and still reading and rereading. Am very! motivated to create my own space of love and hopefully find others of like intent as I take action.
What is your Intention for Joining our global Community?
Love, learn, grow and connect with others of similar heart, mind and spirit.
Tell us about your Gifts,Skills, Abilities, Passions...
Skills: Lifetime spent in Construction - all trades
Professional Real Estate Inspector biz owner 12 yrs.
Single parent of two girls & two boys now grown.
Lifetime Equestrian, Welder, Worker in Metal, Master Gardener, Shadetree Mechanic, Fence Builder, Digger in the Earth, Inventor/Designer etc.
Unconditional Lover of What Is, Master of Suffering, Lover of Mother Earth and Father Sky, Holder and Transmuter of Loving Feelings and Thoughts, Life Enthusiast, Raw Foodie, Long Range Backpacker, Descendant of Pilgrims, Personal Rejector of False Gods and Religious Forms, Lover of Truth, Joy, Beauty and Harmony, Tamer of Ego, Intuitive, Seer beyond the Veil, Welcomer of Heavenly Messengers, Magic Dancer who heals all wounds to perfection, Player with Martial Arts, etc...
Passions: Living in Harmony with Nature, love living and
working with and immersed in Nature, especially in pristine forest. Capable of living comfortably in the remote wilderness in primitive conditions- just returned Nov 2011 from three months spent in remote wilderness of Inland Northwest (Montana) where began reading RCS books
Where on Earth are you inspired to Live and Regenerate the Earth?
Mount Shasta, N. Calif. area, or somewhere in Northwest North America in Mountains or possibly Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri in Ozarks, USA/Canada/Latin America
Open to Higher guidance at this point.
I join with the sincere intention of making a positive contribution to this space and its members in kindness and loving service. I agree to read and comply with the codes of conduct of this space (found on this site)

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At 6:17am on January 22, 2015, Candy Carroll said…

Hi Zachary in Texas!  I tried to reply privately but a link wasn't working.  The next Anastasia CC will be Monday at 7 p.m. central usa time.  I also have local numbers for folks around the world to call in if they would like. Now, we are small and everyone gets to talk! Remind me by Friday to get the numbers to you. I hope I can also message you privately with mine and Lance's number.

At 5:00am on January 22, 2015, Candy Carroll said…

I have my Kin's Domain In SW Missouri! And a Weekly Anastasia Conference Call to Visualize our Dreams Together!

At 6:29pm on March 6, 2012, DellaJane said…

Hi Zachary...Thankyou for the request of friendship on this site. I accept.


At 11:59pm on March 4, 2012, Jane Hendrick said…
Hola friend. The site is back up. I'm thrilled. I hope your visit with family was amazing. Take care friend hope to hear from you soon love and light jane
At 11:23pm on February 17, 2012, Lady of the Woods said…

Dear Sir, you are most gracious in your comments to me and make me smile warmly. Thank you. It is refreshing against the backdrop of all else happening here right now. But you are appreciated.

At 11:51am on February 17, 2012, Jane Hendrick said…

Hey there Zachary,

Ok, i viewed all those links. I am happy you sent them along. I am pleased to learn that the relationships they describe with children is already very similar to the relationship I have with my daughter... What a treat to now have some words to describe my feelings, and validation that unconditional love towards children is a worthy task to meet. it is sadly not a conventional point of view. But happily it is mine!

My plans for my home is essentially build with the landscape. Where my slope is there is already an old logging trail cut into the hill, with the sad removal of a few trees and some digging the space will present itself nicely... I think it is a very similar location to the house link you sent. It will be of a slight different shape but very similar i hope. I am held up on making the roof plans work. I am unfamiliar with the technique they used to prop the logs up, although I know its a popular one for green homes of that nature.

I wish i had more extensive horse experience. I did own one when i was younger and i learned so much. She was a stubborn horse and i was a stubborn girl. we learned to compromise and work together the two of us. She gave me endless hours of freedom and peace once we connected. I hope to offer my daughter similar experiences. I also daydream of a time when smelly vehicles will no longer be the main source of transportation. Id like to ride a horse everywhere now, if i only could.

enjoy your day


At 4:52am on February 16, 2012, Jane Hendrick said…

I am very thankful for all your information shared, i am still going over a bit of it.... the earth straw shelter example you sent was the one exactly last year that inspired me to build into the hill above the creek on my property....that is exactly what i have in mind!!

tell me about your experiences as an equestrian... another area we have in common

warm wishes


At 8:53pm on February 15, 2012, Stephanie Campbell said…

Thank you for the welcome, Zachary!

It is great to be a part of this group : )

At 2:55am on February 15, 2012, Lady of the Woods said…

Thank you for your lovely comment Zachary, but I believe as a 'teacher of love' I can only offer the example of what I live....which is loving the Mother with all my Being and to make my life the canvas through which I express my Art of Creating Beauty. Blessings, Lady

At 1:27pm on February 14, 2012, Jane Hendrick said…

I"d need more info on what you describe as personal development precisely. But i do believe i develop my person daily. My inner person. Meeting my fears facing them and loving them. Even though it takes time in some cases to retire a fear as a love, i do the work. I look very deep into my being to discover my wisdom and truths. Yes, I do think this looking inward creates rifts in friendships, but it also creates a more loving me to become friends with.... I have never heard of ego being compared with the animal seems fitting. Id listen to more insights into that thought of yours.

I did not build the yurt on my property. i actually bought the property with the yurt already set up (quite a find) In the past i was a major part of a rather conventional home building project. ah my was lost to me at the end of a relationship but i did cherish the building of it and consider myself fairly capable with the task. I am more passionate about earth homes and straw bale homes....even more with in my abilities to construct....i hope.... and i shall find out.

It seems you have quite the list of skills. Awesome!!!

Much love and much light







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