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Essential tools for permaculture gardening

Dear friends,

Take adventage of these permaculture tools created specially for organic gardeners: multipurpose flat-cutters (ploskorez Fokina), including the lifelong one, made of titanium; ploskorez "Heart" and what they call "Super-Spade" which is not actually a spade - great tool for loozening the topsoil. Please feel free to place an order here:…


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The message from El Morya

Dear friends,

This message from ascended master El Morya was received for me by a clairvoyant friend in 2008. It has touched my soul and I kept it close to my heart all these years. Now I feel that the World has changed dramatically and it's time to share this message with everyone. Please read and share it with friends as much as possible:…


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Titanium flat-cutter: Buy once - use forever

My dear friends,

If you had a chance to evaluate all the advantages of ploskorez (flat-cutter, Fokin hoe), then you will surely appreciate this new option - a flat-cutter made of Titanium that you only need to buy once in your lifetime: It is very strong, rust-proof and 1.7 times lighter than a…


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Made in Russia: "Bulletproof" miracle-spade

Hey folks,

I am sharing the video of Russian miracle-spade at work:

With this heavy duty garden tool you can work 3 times faster and easier than with a usual spade.

Great for digging and…


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Putting in a word for Putin

My dear friends,

I finally took the time to put in a word for Putin, please enjoy my new article:

They say: A man is judged by his deeds. Being out of Russia for several years, I had a chance to look at Putin with fresh eye and the more I watch his deeds the…


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Skills to Inherit a Homestead

Please check and support a new amazing book by permaculture guru and educator Paul Wheaton and Mike Haasle: SKIP: A book connecting industrious people with land owners

Lots of young people have a great aspiration but have no money to start a homestead, whereas millions of elderly farmers…


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Vintage heirloom vegetables

Grow old-fashioned vegetables, greens, flowers and medicinal plants that have been passed down through generations. We are offering heirloom seeds from Russian family homesteads (Kins domains) that produce plants with the same traits planting after planting, season after season, generation after generation. Place an order:…


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Putin stops illegal logging

Breaking news from Russia: Putin requested completely banning shipment of unprocessed timber of coniferous and valuable hardwood species out of Russia starting January 1, 2022 Click here to read:…


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Grow your own food that feeds the body and heals the soul

Get heirloom organic non-gmo #seeds from Russian family homesteads (Kins domains) : * Apply coupon codes to get 10 to 50% discount: …


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Get bio-fertilizer Baikal-EM1 with 40% discount

Baikal EM1 is not a fertilizer in the traditional sense of the word. It is a concentrate of beneficial microorganisms (EM stands for Effective Microorganisms). Once in the soil, the substance naturally begin fighting infection and viruses, fixing nitrogen, enriching the soil. Already after the first application it accelerates plant growth significantly, and the final yield is doubled (according to the years of testing in different climatic zones of Russia). And…


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Sepp Holzer's Open Letter

12 years ago Sepp Holzer, the Rebel Farmer of Austria shared his Open Letter (published in Space of Love Magazine in January 2009) which stays relevant through these challenging times! Please read and share:…


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Please support the artist, inspired by Anastasia visions

My friend Kumar Alzhanov, the artist, has become very popular among Anastasia readers for his amazingly beautiful pictures, inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series:

And now he is looking for like-minded entrepreneurs/publishers who would…


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My dear fellow Anastasia readers,

My friend Kumar Alzhanov, the artist, inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series, is offering his artworks for sale.

Please enjoy the photos of his works: Some pictures are available here:…


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Eco-Minded Greetings, my fellow co-creators!

Yury Smirnov here, eco entrepreneur, sustainable homesteader, inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series. Striving to live in harmony with nature, the people and my own self. Please read about my life path here:…


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The greatest books of all time: Practical and inspiring

On my spiritual journey I have read hundreds of books on spirituality, self-development and sustainability. And of all that variety of books I selected just a few, best of the best in my spiritual library, those that combine deep sense of spirituality with practical skills and knowledge: - you can order them on Amazon!…


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A few steps to self-fulfillment

I believe that you always choose the best to lead a happy, fulfilling life and the things listed below are so impressive that I could not stop myself from sharing them with you.

9 superior choices to fulfil yourself:

1. Grow your own food that heals the body and feeds the soul:…


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Welcome to Vegan Paradise

Welcome to Vegan Paradise: !

Place an order for gluten free #organic flours and food mixes: porridge, soup, cutlets. Enjoy raw #superfood and ready for germination whole-grains (wheat, rye, rice, buckwheat, amaranth, #hemp, oats, polba, chia, etc) - great for #vegans and raw foodists:…


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Dolmen tour (Vedic Russia retreat) in 2020

At the end of July president Vladimir Putin said the country's coronavirus outbreak had stabilized. It gives hope that the lockdown restrictions will be lifted soon and Russia will open the borders for the foreigners. It means that our September dolmen tour (Vedic Russia retreat) can still take place this year (September 19th to 28th).

So once again, we invite you to see mysterious dolmens, enjoy the festival of…


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Sustainable living in Russia

My dear friends, Following up on the news about Russia, we reveal some essential tips for acquiring land in Russia: This article will be especially interesting for sustainable living enthusiasts inspired by Anastasia's vision from the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series, who want to relocate to Russia and create their Kin's domain (family homestead) in one of the Russian…


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Russia expands free land giveaway program to the entire country

1. Breaking news: Russian Government creates a program for obtaining free land in the Russian Federation, similar to the "Far East Hectare":…


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