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Energy Element Complexes - Muonic Hydrogen - and A/C - D/C Information Field.


Near-infra-red inert gas atoms of many kinds orbit around every-single other possible atom - with some periodic elements causing them to orbit either 1: Close to the Atom. 2: Around the whole Earth AND Atom - and 3: Orbit the Atom AND the entire Universe. Also packets of all 28 possible positrons or base colors around opposites…


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Sugar Pine Trees, 3 Pristine Origins, 13 Living Movements, 9 Dead Movements, and 8 Arms of DNA.

My collected writings with original writing by me, and quotes mainly from The Ringing Cedars of Russia books, as well as from else-where: https://joyousforebearers.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/one-world-religion-the-3-pristine-origins-which-created-the-13-primary-sources-how-to-heal-the-9-dead-movements/

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Want To Help? Read This! What You Think?: Anti-mind As Described in Book 10, Universal Telegony and The Science of Imagery

Spread far and wide! I am currently being gang-stalked, and I feel kind of safe, but just in case, please review this and spread far and wide! Gang stalked is when you are being followed around and they want you to know that you are being followed. I would give some instances but they would sound kind of strange to say the least! In high priority targets they will use famous actors or other personalities to see what kind of images you are dealing with. Again I am…


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Please Help! Those Who Have Thought and Prayer, Siberia and a Large Part of Russia Is On Fire! Anastasia and Earth Need Help!

"It appears the dark forces have unleashed their weather control - geo-engineering - weapons on Siberia.  They are trying to attack Anastasia.  Let us hold a strong intention in our minds and hearts to put a force-field of love around Siberia and all of Russia.  With our will, we can neutralize this evil energy immediately." - Jeanice Barcelo




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A Pathway Has Opened Up For More Easily Creating Kin's Domains In America! (We Require Pure Minded Entrepreneurs, And A Motherland Party)

Here Is the whole message! Let me know what you think!! We will be having a group to help with legislation hopefully, and a group of business and investores who will help us with credit for building kins doamins, and selling of our produce and other goods! We need a Motherland Party first!! Joy to your thoughts!



Here is a message I have sent to Bob McFarland of the California Grange! He is it's President! (and is capable of helping movements in changing…


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