A Call from the Divine Feminine

I returned from my trip to the Science, Spirit, and World Transformation Conference at the ECETI ranch recently and I just thought I should share this experience I had. Apparently there at the ranch they have been having some contact with the Divine Mother Mary and a Man named Kan, who is working intensely on self mastery and often lives in a cave, sensed her and captured a picture of her on film while he was there a while back. Every time I heard this mentioned over the first day and a half or saw the image of her put up on the screen, I received a chill and would begin to cry. At one point there were so many tears flowing I had to leave the room while a speaker was presenting to gather myself together. Then Saturday, just before lunch it happened again, and also with another entity James mentioned to whom he referred to as Bagit. So at lunch time I was getting a little frustrated with myself for being such an emotional wreck about the whole thing and decided to just call out to Mary herself and ask her what in the world was going on. Then within a few moments I heard in my heart that I should go out into the field, to a place I had not yet been. So I started walking. Much to my surprise I came upon a shrubby area and decided to take a closer look. There were rocks in there, some were small and stacked up like little statues, but others were larger, like perches for an eagle. I climbed up to the tallest one and sat down, facing north, and began communing with Mary and Bagit. Many tears were shed on that rock and a sense of intense love and energy finally settled in my heart, leaving me with a feeling of great joy. However there was still a part of me that wanted to know I was not "crazy" for having such an emotional release and wanted some kind of sign. That's when I opened my eyes and saw a blue light flash across the ground on the rocks below my feet. My immediate thought was that it was Mary's Fairies showing themselves to me. Then I heard that I should take a picture of myself, which I thought was a bit wierd since I was meditating and all, but the thought wouldn't go away, so i did.( you can see the shot in my album pacific nw and eceti) After that I just felt a great sense of relief, like a part of me could now see calm waters beyond the bend in the river. I did not realize it at the time, but 2 other people had arrived on the ground behind me and begun meditating during this. One of them came up to me a while later and wanted to know what had been going on, because there had seemed to be some intense energies "up there". I went to James before I left and shared this experience with him. He smiled and did not seemed surprised at all. He said the rocks I had gone to were the Rocks of the Divine Feminine and a place where many had communed with Mary before. He also said that nature spirits would often appear as blue lights to people, and that they called them Mary's elves. Below are the words that came to me immediately following this experience. It is a beautiful thing to follow your heart and be open to where the spirit may guide you. It can be a great release and opens up endless possibilities in which we can create so much Love...

Sitting on a Rock, In a Space Outside of Time

I saw a streak of Blue, before my eyes flash in a line

Then a feeling of sweet Bliss filled my body with a Glow

And I trembeled as I felt our Mother Mary, who let me know

That there are many things beyond what we can hear or we can see

And if we open up our Heart, the strength of Love will set us Free

To experience the Bliss that dance's to creations tune

And is waiting all around Us, under sun and under moon

But we must release the fear that holds us back and tarry not

If we try to plan it out with too much thinking we get caught

So open up, Accept yourself, Know you are Perfect as You Are

For when you do you will reveal- You're Magic- Yes you are A Star


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Comment by roxy faye on July 20, 2010 at 12:41am
thank you tree, i really needed to read this :) blessing sistar
Comment by Gabbi on July 21, 2010 at 12:26pm
Dearest siStar Tree - thank you for sharing and making my day more joyful!

Infinate Love & Gratitude xo
Comment by tree on July 22, 2010 at 1:14pm
Namaste beauties. We all carry the spark of the divine within. Re membering that can allow such love to flow.
Comment by Lady of the Woods on July 24, 2010 at 10:51pm
Tree thank you for having the openness of heart to experience this and for sharing it here. I continue to be inspired by the beauty of your heart and soul.
I too have felt the absolute true love and beneficence of the Mother Mary since a little one......and now I am all about Her.
Yesterday while in the bath, soaking in the life giving minerals of the Dead Sea, in prayer for beneficence of Earth and Life, I wondered about the blue ball I always see on the periphery of my vision all the time.....I smile here at the serendipity of it.
You are a blessing to humanity, as are all the Heart based beings on Earth. *Horses Nod* to you dear One.

Comment by Goddess M on August 5, 2010 at 4:38am
WOW! I got goose-bumps and teary just reading that! I can feel the emotion you must have felt and it is quite overwhelming! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.
Blessed Be.


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