Energy Element Complexes - Muonic Hydrogen - and A/C - D/C Information Field.


Near-infra-red inert gas atoms of many kinds orbit around every-single other possible atom - with some periodic elements causing them to orbit either 1: Close to the Atom. 2: Around the whole Earth AND Atom - and 3: Orbit the Atom AND the entire Universe. Also packets of all 28 possible positrons or base colors around opposites are also orbited by these Near-Infra-Red Inert Gas particles - and because of this, protons can be induced into the same activity, possibly creating Muonic Hydrogen.

I have discovered the time variable for this information - as well as 8 Universal Games which use every single part of Muonic Hydrogen, up to the point of dispersing all positrons that have survived, into what would be my version of the Bose-Einstein condensate - or Game 1 to 8 and then back to game 6 - and beyond.

Near-infra-red inert gas's quantum state is replacing the electron/diameter of moving closer to infra-red - with the Electron Neutrino of taking positrons or colors around opposites. When-ever these Near-infra-red inert gases are no longer able to share information - destructive environments are always created - and so a psychology bases on the unification of these elements are most important. In the link above: PrideTolerance.pdf - I describe the whole curriculum for my future school of creating the most advanced free services for all people.

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