Thank you to Billa for getting us in touch with Paul and The Garden of Eden team.

Being a steward of 15 hectacres I am truly inspired by Paul and his rake.

To experience his intimacy with God,The Land and his felllow human beings was truly uplifting.

I received an email today from the Garden of Eden Team.

They would like to extend their help to Oceania.

I plan to screen the movie here in Nelson.

Would you be willing to host a screening in your area?

I have been mulching and have known the benefits.

However, it took the Garden of Eden Film to understand that I need so much more bulk of material.

A top grinder is top priority!

I hope Billa is able to visit Paul at his Garden of Eden during her sojourn to U.S.

Perhaps iincorporate the concept of the Garden of Eden into the Bioneer Conference in San Rafael.

I also hope Billa and Siafra will visit Bolinas when they are in California.

I look forward to their feedback.

Thank you to Siafra for sponsoring Billla.

I am happy that a fellow Dane is contributing to the uplift of our world.

I am crossing my fingers that Billa and Siafra will find the land of their dreams here on the South Island of Nrw Zealand.

I did.

This land has been featured in Bill Mollisons permaculture books, visited by David Holmgreen several times.

Over 3 thousand Whoofers have contributed over the past forty years..

And Yet..............

Had this land been mulched and covered like Paul shows us, I am sure it would today be a real Garden of Eden.

I am dedicated to spread the word, I have seen the light so to speak.

To be able to produce such an abundance with just i rake is awesome.

Thank you again to Billa and our community of lovers.























































I am also looking into upgrading our shredder into a top grinder.





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Comment by Billa on September 20, 2011 at 9:39pm
Thanks Elice...  yes I am visiting Bolinas, Will be great to Visit Paul - I will look into that..   planning to film everything to share with you all...  so glad you have your beautiful land and are devoted to life long learning... Sifara and I look forward to visiting you when I return to NZ... love  to you..   Billa


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