Musings of the Temple Lost and Found

The Matrix. What a subtle icky sticky hold it can have. Many do not even recognize the grip laid upon them…until they get a whif of something beautiful, something true. And then a memory is triggered- a door somehow unlatches and all one has to do is push it open. But how to do this?....

I had the honor and pleasure of visiting the Temple of the Lady of the Woods. From the moment my feet stepped into her space I was inundated with a total sensory exhilaration. A fresh breeze touched my face. A plethora of aromas so intense I could almost taste some of them. The music of the birds and chimes soothed my soul. The lush landscape held my heart and it took me away. Away from worries and cares that seemed to fade into the background and what was left was just oh so serene…aaahhh. I was transported to a time of magic, where I knew the purpose of beauty and completely understood how performing even the smallest act with pure intention and love can really make something shine brightly to all who care to see. I wanted to see. Here in the Temple my magic flourished too. I was able to take the events of the waking hours and integrate them into dream time in such a way that allowed me to transcend deep seeded pains of many moons. My awareness greatly expanded and one message I received I will share here. “The divergent spirit possesses all weak men. Sometime quite a lot sometimes periodically- this allows for a play on women’s compassion and her ability to forgive. Stand against that force of destruction anytime you see it. Claim who you are, Call it out, and Send it away. These forces can come through men and women although men are more susceptible due to their disconnect from the life giving process. Do this!” I thought, wow and ok... and before I had even been away from the temple a few hours these forces came upon me in the flesh. But hooray! Something had shifted and I immediately was able to stand in love for myself. Even my ego, who tried to tell me perhaps I was not being a nice girl could not undo what had been accomplished at the temple. This I carried all the way home and into the next day. My bliss was evident to all who came in contact with me. It was refreshing and contagious. Now to be quite honest, Monday morning was a nightmare. The energy was too heavy. It was a hit the ground running day, getting swept up in the rat race. I did not handle it well as I seemed to long for the pace of the previous days. I wondered how it could go from one extreme to the other so quickly. After further looking into the days energy though, it seemed others were feeling similar things. Anyone else have a this type of day on Monday?...

So what to do...That night I took a long soak in the salts, after giving them due honor of course, blended it with some aromatherapy and meditation and it seemed to help me refocus. Tuesday was definately better. I woke up and started my day off right by taking the much needed time to tend to my garden of self first. See I have so many to care for here and I have always put my self last, to take care of me first is a little unusual for me to say the least. But that is what I realized I was missing. So I annointed myself with Jasmine, took time for my morning breathing, stretches, and meditations and the entire day was greatly improved. I spent the day walking in beauty, grace, and integrity. I am learning that it truely is the little acts of love and intention that can make the difference. Everything doesn't have to be a big event to impact change. Like throwing a small pebble into a large pond, the waves ripple out across all the waters. This is much easier for me to manage in the day to day pace of this world. So I encourage all of you ladies, and men as well, to be sure to take time for true self. You are your most important life to tend too. It is ok to slow down, and relax- forget what the world tells you about hurry up and wait! Doing this has enabled me to be even more connected to source and receive some much needed guidance on how to further my progression towards total integration of self. It has also opened me up to acting on communing sincerely with others, which I know strengthens our connections and understanding of what it means to live as one. And to the Lovely Lady of the Woods I say thankyou for giving me a real, living example of how simply beautiful we can be in this world. Your service will be forever appreciated.


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Comment by Lady of the Woods on April 16, 2010 at 4:16am
*Horses Nod* to you Priestess Tree, and Namaste. You are welcome anytime, I am here for you.

Comment by Lady of the Woods on April 16, 2010 at 5:48am
I shall do this....what wisdom and power lies in the doing ! It is like when Anastasia stood up to claim "I am Ved Rus"......
"Stand against that force of destruction anytime you see it. Claim who you are, Call it out, and Send it away. "
Comment by tree on April 16, 2010 at 6:09am
Sandra, I see great truth in what you are saying here:
" ... I realized that there is a reason why it is so hard to release certain parts because parts of ourselves find comforts in the past that is no longer serving us because it is part of what made us into who we are and so by letting it go it feels like there is this fear of being empty "
I have also understood this point of view and find it to be quite relevant. Being able to let go of something that has helped us to grow, painful as it may be, can feel like a loss. I think this could be because we view it as something that is no longer a part of us. Perhaps instead we should see it as something that has metamorphed into newness and view it as a gain. What I mean is that we build upon it, even though we stop to repeat the destructive patterns of understanding it, we have gleaned wisdom from the situation that allows us to further grow into our true selves. I think our feelings of this are rather aligned. I am happy you shared this insight.Thank You! Namaste
Comment by aiko on April 17, 2010 at 2:01am
I have those types of Mondays everyday I am back in the south to Cascais where we live. I only get a nature break when I am in the north visiting my in laws or when searching for land. I have the peacock park and the sea in the south, but it's too commerical & full of tourists..

Taking time for myself and enjoying your post..thank you for sharing. oxoxox


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