My Fun Fun Day Sunday 10th May 2009

Today Started out Excellently. The alarm went off at 5am with John Denver singing "Rocky Mountain High" I havent heard that song in ages.

Then on my way back from stopping the alarm I figured I should head out to the beach for a "Dawn Patrol" Surfing term for 1st one in the waves. I knew the sun rise was at 6.18am today and I got to the beach at 5.35am But was surprised to see 20 people out there already. No worries more people to talk too.

I spent 2and 3/4 hours in the surf having lots of fun and learning heaps. I go home expecting to have a nanny nap but I was so fired up I walked about my plants and gave them loves and touches then washed down my ute from the alpaca poo run I did the day before.

I figured sure i should sleep now but no I was in a state of Anastasia so I decided to cook some wholesome bread. The one on the left is Organic Spelt Fruit and Nut Middle one is Organic Spelt Wholemeal with herbs and the cake is a no dairy banana cake that flopped because I added to much nuts on top.

I am writing this now then I am going to bed to do it all again tomorrow I so Love my life now Thankyou Anastasia and Vladimir Dolph Cooke

These three taste Great

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