My dear friends,
I finally took the time to put in a word for Putin, please enjoy my new article:
They say: A man is judged by his deeds. Being out of Russia for several years, I had a chance to look at Putin with fresh eye and the more I watch his deeds the more I am convinced that Putin is an extraordinary man, to say the least.

I always tried to stay away from politics. And I don't want in the slightest bit to sound political in my article. It is just my personal observation of some positive facts about Putin that I find really important for the people and the future of Russia. I hope you will find it interesting. Please share it with friends and I would really like to know your opinion on the topic.

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Comment by Teddy Ten Broeck on June 4, 2021 at 12:49am

I used to listen to his translations on YouTube years ago which always made sense to me verses the ridiculous

jargon by Obama was no comparison. Then I realized the USA narrative to always bad mouth Russia and Putin. I loved the way he put that Fox News blonde  Megan Kelly in her place respectfully. I have much respect for Putin

in spite of the negative comments that he is power hungry dictator.


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