the world around us is such a beautifully place, it is a peacefull place, and we should all be happy and enjoy life , each day. Live in the moment each day as it come, take each time in the now, every person you meet will leave a foot print in your heart and spirit, it's up to you how you use that footprint, or even keep them around.

Keep the happy place in your heart always, forever. people around you are what you make of them and enjoy how they play a part in your atomsphere, the warmth they throw into your life and move you forward, in spirit.

The only forward movement is in your spirit, I was told by a small boy that we all live for ever in spirit, no one can destroy your spirit but you, hang onto your spirit, only you can break it.

Go Aotearoa New Zealand real people real world. great big Hearts. xx

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